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December 17, 2008


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Carrie P.

You have been very busy on some very cute projects.

Dzintra Ingrid

Hi Helen...still amazed that you can fit so much in..thank you for the link!!! Ingrid


This year I made about 7 couch caddies for the girls at work. Made the mistake of taking in my stitchers angel gift to show and they all wanted one. It was great making different colours to match different people.
I will definitely make the penny pockets for next year- they are just great!


sounds like you have done pretty well with handmade Cheryl, I have a few more to finish so must get off of here and stitch! Helen


Gee thanks for visiting Kris and thanks for the tutorial, you must see sock monkeys all over blogland...maybe you'll see a spike again now.. I had your tutorial bookmarked but didnt know where your blog was, so now I know, sorry about the job situation. Helen


I shall watch your blog Gesine to see your finished sock monkeys! they are fun and easy to make, just make sure you use a strong sewing thread as the seams break easily if you dont when stuffing!


Hi Colleen, can you still find the red heel socks easily? the stripes look the best I think and were the most requested in my house!


Sounds like you have done well Tracey, do you have a blog where we can see them?


What cute penny pockets with very yummy insides :-)!!! And those sweet monkeeeeees...boy they have bonded!!!! Wonderful bags... you have been busy. I have made some runners, two small wall hangings, and a lap size quilt.


The monkeys look great! I've never seen so many together in one place. Glad I could help a little bit. :)


Love your Christmassy look. You are right Helen! There's still plenty of time, and handmade is just so much more. (You know, whatever a bought present is, a made present is more. Except maybe Lego.)


Hi, wow, you made a lot of beautiful things. The monkeys are sweet, thanks for the link, I have to try this too.
Greetings, Gesine


ACK! I never even thought of making sock monkeys out of anything but the red heel socks from way back! They are SOO cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

amy (sew~amy)

Merry Christmas., You have been so busy. All of them are cute as a button.


I got to make lots of things for gifts this year - I have mostly been focussed on zippered pouches and bags with some softies thrown.


Hi Mary Grace, sounds like you have done pretty well on the handmade front... never enough time to do everything we'd like to do though..hugs Helen

simone de klerk

You made some wonderful things, Helen. Thank you so much for the links. Love the sock monkeys. I'm definitely going to make one for my daughter. I'll be looking for a nice pair of socks today. LOL. Have a wonderful day! It's very icy on the streets here )O:


Oh Helen those sock monkeys are georgeous.... I wished I had a whole heap together here....

Mary Grace McNamara

Too cute...all of it...the cone pouches, the monkeys and the bags! Some lucky little people are going to love all those wonderful handmade things.

This year, I've just made a tote bag for my oldest sister and am in the process of making a beaded banner for my parents. Other than that, sorry to say, not much in the way of handmade.

I sure love seeing what others are doing though. Someday I'll have the time to go all handmade, I hope!


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