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January 27, 2011


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Denise Barrett

Hi Helen,
I have only just read this but if you need any more blocks stitched I belong to a quilting group and I am sure all the girls would love to do some stitching for you. If you would like to send enough to make up a whole quilt I will be happy to get those done for you. We could probably also piece the quilt together for you and I could ask my friend if she could quilt it on her big quilting machine for you. My home address is 3 Silky Vale, HALLS HEAD WA 6210. I am happy to do what ever you need to be done.


I would have loved to help, but live overseas. What a very good and creative way to help the victims in Queensland, who are yet having other bad experiences. Incredible.


I am a bit slow in getting to read this post, I suppose all the patterns are gone. I would do one if they are still available. Good work girls you are what makes us True Blue Aussies.
True Blue .

Geniene Barbour

I will stitch a few blocks if you want. Please let me know
Cheers Geniene

Bessie Grahmann

I would be very happy to stitch a block to help this terrific project.


I can stitch a couple of blocks, Helen. Will send you my address via email.


hi helen i see you have plenty of people but i would gladly do a few blocks for you. judy

Heather Tcuker

Hi Helne,
You already have more than enough comments but what you designers are doing is fantabulous! I have seen some of the auctions - which are great - but this is better for someone in my position in that I have a few spare hours that I enjoy spending stitching. How about doing 2 quilts - you have enough stitchers? Just a thought.
Keep smiling, Heather ( New Zealand)


I think I counted more than 38 comments but if any pull out, I'd love to be in it.


Would love to stitch one of these for you if you still need it

Carolina H

I would love to stitch a block. I live on the other side of the world, but if I can be at any help...
Carolina in Sweden

Shirley Keating

Hi Helen, I would love to stitch a block or two. I have just finished all my blocks for Nice People Nice things and am looking for another stitching project. I will email you my snail mail address.

Louise Brown-Thomas

Hi Helen. I would love to help. i too will email my snail mail address to you! Louise


If you have any blocks left I would love to stitch one. Will send you an e-mail with my address.


Hi Helen, I would love to help out. Am making some quilts for the Flood Appeal but have time at night to stitch as well. Address is PO Box 79, Crows Nest 4355 Qld. Live on a farm, love the bush theme.


My heart and hands are willing to help, I'd be thrilled to contribute. I am amazed at the postive responses and find it so encouraging to see people rise to the trouble others are suffering.


I agree with your assumption.

Denniele Bohannon


I would love to stitch a block for you. It is a great thing you are doing and I would be pleased to help. PLease let me know how to get my snail mail address to you.
Denniele in Missouri, USA

Linda Jeffree

I would love to help out by stitching a block for the quilt. This would be a way I can help out in a practical way. My hobby is hand embroidery and have been doing it for many years, just love it. I hope I get picked to help out in this way.....Linds

Jackie Jackson

Hi Helen, I am happy to do a block or the blocks as a contribution. Would be lovely to see your creativity coming to life. My new address is 6 Shaw Mews, Leda WA 6170. Am happy to donate time and money to the cause, especially as I have been apart of the queensland community for the last 12 years. Hugs, Jackie Jackson


Hi Helen I will be happy to stitch a block for you if you have any left I will email you my addy hugs Beth

Joan Anderson

Oh, Helen, what a marvelous idea! How can I help?

Joan Anderson in South Dakota, USA


hi Helen yes I would love to stitch a block as well Cheryl

Susan Adams

Good morning Helen, I am happy to stitch a block for you. I am so enjoying stitching your Life is Beautiful quilt stitcheries, such apt sentiments. So I am ready with needle if needed to help others.

Jan Gartlan

What a lovely idea. I am happy to stitch a block!


Hi Helen, I would be happy to stitch a block. If you still have any left. I can email you my mailing address.

Tanya Murray

I am happy to stitch a block too
53 Jubilee Rd Youngtown Tas 7249


I'd love to help, but living in the US, by the time I got the block, stitched it and sent it back, it would probably be too late. A suggestion to any of your readers who are in a similar situation. Many shops are doing kits. I recently bought 3 and had the shop owner give them out. That way I was able to help and not have to worry about whether my package arrived timely.


I am ready to stitch anyone of your creation to help victims of the Australian floods.

Best regards,

Renae A

Hi! I would love to stitch a block for this quilt. It is a lovely idea and it is true that many hands make light work. I live in Western Australia and my heart goes out to those affected by the floods. I will email you my address. Thanks!

Ruth B

I would love to stitch a block Helen. I will email you my address. It would be nice to help and all I have to offer is my time. What a wonderful project to be a part of.

Gina E.

I am a first time visitor to your lovely blog (I've been blog surfing tonight!)and will be returning often :-)
I would be very happy to stitch one block for this quilt project, if you still have any left to distribute! So many of your readers have offered to do more than one. Like Angela, I would also like to purchase the complete pack for myself if that is possible.


Hi Helen, I'm from Michigan, USA and if I can help, I'd love to. I'm retired and love to stitch. Please visit my blog. I'll be sending you an email. Hugs from Michigan:)

Sharon R

Congratulations to all who won the auctions and raffles and what wonderful designers we have to make such lovely donations of their handwork. I would love to do a little stitching and will send you my address.


HI Helen, Just posted about this in hope to get more people. I am happy to do a block - please can I have the one with the least stitching so I actually complete in time!

Debbie Arnold

I'd Love to help send up a few a few of the girls will help Debbie in Cairns


I would love to stitch a block or 2 on your behalf. I will email you my address.

Nay from Nays Place

Forgot to say that I can also donate some fabric for the group to assist with the raffle quilt

Nay from Nays Place

As a member of Waikerie Piecemakers I would like to offer my services and I know other members will help - what a lovely idea and one that we can assist in - living on the river in SA we are waiting for the waters to come down river and we to might be flooded but not to the extent of Qld, NSW and Vic.

Karen Muller

Would love to stitch a block to help Will email address



I am happy to do one... I will send you my address.


P.S. How long do we have to make it up.. just wondering.


What a great idea. I love stitching and I would love to stitch a block!

Karen Rojahn

Helen,it would be such an honour to be able to contribute to this cause. I can certainly stitch a couple of blocks.


Hi Helen,

I would be very happy to stitch a block. I will email you my address. Regards, Anne


Helen, what a lovely idea - I'd be happy to help too! Thanks,


Helen, I would love to stitch some blocks for you - I've been so sad that my finances don't allow me to do much, and wishing I could do more than simply pray. Just let me know if you can use me.

Sabine (The Netherlands)

I'm hosting a quiltgroup in the Netherlands, and we are all fan of your designs. I'm seeing them tomorrow and tell them about your lovely idea. I'm sure they are happy to help too!

Jane Monk

Helen I would love to stitch a block or two ... I would also offer my services as a longarm quilter and quilt the finished quilt free of charge. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers Jane Monk (


I would be more than happy to stitch one or more blocks to be made into a quilt.
What a great idea. This would definitely be something I could manage easily.

Karan L

Hi, I am happy to stitch a block for you, will email you with my snail mail address. Cheers, Karan

Belinda Shreeve

Happy to help. You know where to find me! :)


Too bad I live overseas, I'd love to do something to help in some small way. Thinking good thoughts for all of you, in all parts of the country.

Angela Campbell

I love stitching, and I love the look of these patterns, I have not been to a quilting group for about three years now due to ill health but would love to buy a pack from you if you could let me know how.

Angela Campbell

I think what you are doing is wonderful, but bad as the Queensland floods were, other parts have also suffered, parts of NSW and Victoria have also lost everything in the floods. Yet they don't get a mention, and even though the government have received so much donated money from everywhere they are going to put a flood levy tax on us all. NOT FAIR.

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