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August 29, 2008


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EKKKkkkkkk Helen - Make sure that little friend is FAR away when I come by!!!

Essie did well to keep such an exciting secret!


Hi There,

We had a furry critter like that who also disappeared. Check your hide-a-bed if you have one as our guy took up residence there and wrecked the mattress. That was the first clue that our then-cat was getting too ancient to care about such interlopers! Good luck getting rid of him/her!


I hope you are able to find the furry 'friend' and usher him out the door.

Scarlette Hobbe

what a hoot, loved your furry friend story - my brother went into his kitchen to find a opossum - oh well, maybe the cajun spice will deter a return visit. thanks for sharing

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