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December 04, 2008


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Hi Helen

Thank you for all your hard work in doing this swap. I got some beautiful gifts from my angel. and send my out and work out on her Blog that she had received it.

Marie Evans

Hi Helen, Thank you for this beautiful swap. I had the plesure of having a beautiful angel to work with and we have exchanged and she is so special to me. Thanks again Blessings and hugs, Marie


Hi Helen,
After all your efforts it is really sad to believe that there are people who do not comply with their commitments.
I hope that most of Angels have enjoyed, like me, and have received and sent beautiful goodies. You have given us joy and for this, let me say in capital letters THANK YOU.
Hugs from Spain.


Hi Helen,
I am sorry to hear that some Angels have not received anything. Very upsetting when so much time and effort goes into not only organising from your part, but also the sewing on the Angel's part. Please let me know if you need any "emergency" Angels, and I will see what I can put together. I really enjoyed the swap - my partner Dawn in USA has also received her things from me, and I have also received mine from swap partner Tine In Denmark.


HI Helen,
Thankfully this swap was a great experience and I had a fantastic swap partner and even received gifts from my swap person. I would be more than happy to help out making something for someone that missed out.


Hi Helen that is to bad. I received,Emailed her to thank her for my items and also post photos. I also sent my partern her items and she did receive them. I just finished an extra one for her but decided to wait untell after the Holidays, so it doesnot get lost.

This was fun


May Britt

It is a shame that some of the swappers do not keep their commitments. But that is common. There is always some ladies that joines swaps that just receive and do not send. Shame on them.
If you need another angel to send out a package to someone that has not received I would love to help you out. Just give me a name and I will put something together.


Hi Helen,
My swaps have been done and i was very happy, my angel went to so much trouble and I received a beautiful parcel from her..
My parcel to my angel has also been recieved, and I was happy to know she was very happy also..
Thank for for all your time and effort in organizing this swap..
Hugs Julia

Julz at Simple Stitches

HI Helen,
first, thanks for organising this swap,I personally had a wonderful Angel who sent me gorgeous things that I'm using everyday, and I know that my own partner that I sent to in Holland, has finally received all of her parcels (that was one of mine that took 6 weeks, but I was emailed last week with the great news that it had arrived!).
It would certainly be a slightly sadder world if there weren't people in it like you, who go out of their way to do these things on a voluntary basis.

Come on all of you naughty Angels, step up and get busy! Don't commit if you have no intention of following thru.

Don't spoil the fun for everyone else!

Again,THANKS Helen,

maria munoz

hi helen
I was very happy with my swap ...
and dont like to see anyone miss out
please if you need me here im I volunter to make someone happy and get a parcel.


Helen I will be a replacement Angel if you need one. I enjoyed this swap so much and was so happy with my Angel. Wendy F


Hi Helen, pardon my English, but not wanted stop write. I feel sorry for a lot of people who did not receive their SWAP, the truth that is very sad, because I happened several times, but this exchange was a success for me: my partner got very happy my swap, and I also mine.
I understand your concern and your anguish, you command a big hug and encouragement

chriss jasper

Hello Helen,
Althou I was not a participant in your swap I have friends who are and they have really enjoyed the swap. I have eargerly watched what blogs I can,and really enjoyed the whole process! If you have people who have not got their swaps, please let me know and I am more than happy to send a parcel of Xmas Cheer along to somebody. I just love to make stuff to give away. Many thnks and may Angels Bless you,


Good On You for saying something and what about the Recipients that don't answer emails or let their Angels know that they have even recieved their gift...my Recipient hasn't made contact with me from the 3rd angel gift even though I have emailed her weeks ago...with the 1st & 2nd gifts I had to email her ...she did response to that one but I don't even know if she has recieved the last one or not...it leaves a sour taste and that's why I won't be Participating in any swaps next year and have signed up for Your "Snugglybugs" project in stead at least I know that My hard work will go to a good cause.
ThankYou for your hard work in organizing this swap..at least my Angel was an Angel and sent me the most Beautiful things.

Carole Meier

That's really unfortunate. I don't understand. No one is forcing anyone to join. If you need another volunteer, I'll stick my hand up with Sherri.


Helen, if you need "replacement" Angels please let me know. . .I would be more than happy to send out a package.


Pretty sad, things have to go this way. It's a shame )O: It should have made everyone happy!


Hi Helen, I have enjoyed taking part in this swap even though my parcel has not arrived yet. My partner Anne in Norway and I have been in touch in the past few days and we are both cross with our postal services as we posted our parcels weeks ago. We have agreed to leave it till the New Year and make something for each other then. Thank you so much, Helen, for arranging the swap, and for keeping tabs on everyone!


Hi Helen,
So pleased you have posted about the swap - perhaps there has been some confusion!
On 15/10/08 I posted to the Netherlands and haven't had an email to say my swap-person has received my parcel.
I have just visited her site again and although I don't understand Dutch, from what I can gather my swap-person has received from someone else.
The gift was posted 7 weeks ago yesterday Airmail (I have kept the Australia Post docket) and I have been a bit anxious as it isn't nice to think one's gift has gone astray!
I look forward to following this Post and thanks again so much for all your hard work you have put into this Swap - let's hope everything comes out in the wash!
Hugs - Lurline!


hello Helen, my parcel is comming these week,i will make for one another angels wo have nothing,give me adress from her and i make this thanks for all hugs chris from swiss


Good on you Helen - wished it did not cause so much grief. You are doing the right thing.

Amanda Ryan

What a shame. I do so hope that most people are just delayed, or that parcels have been delayed by the post. It will be sad if people let you down after all your hard work in arranging such a fun swap.


It is a shame that some Angels are making this difficult for you, when you have done this on a purely voluntary basis out of the goodness of your heart. I want to thank you for putting up with it. I am hoping that the good outweighs the bad. I for one have had a wonderful experience. Thanks!!

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