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January 05, 2009


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You shared summer holidays crafts is really beautiful.It is optimum use of vacation.It can improves kid's skill and talent.

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Beautiful products, my mother is also in to making those things, I will send the link to your site, maybe you have things in common that be helpful for both.

Nell Ward

Ooohhh! This looks so pretty - love the choice of fabrics too. Would love to join in but I have told myself I am not to start any new projects until I make a dint in my UFOs (and I am about to piece the quilt from the gathering!) Happy quilting - is this an annual event? Maybe I can aim to join you next year?


ahh I can't resssssist any longer I'm in,have been throwing fabric around past 2 hours and am settled now..ready to start cutting and sewing...thanks for doing this Cheers Vickie


Hi Helen, Please sign me up for The Mystery, my first !! looking forward to it, I love your fabrics, hmmm I have some of those in my Holy Fabric stash.! Pamelaj


hello Helen....
Please sign me up for your summer holiday....it is winter here, but getting some nice summery fabs together will do this cold chick some good


Hi Helen,
thank you so much for your lovely desinges, I would love to sew your mystery. So i am in...i just put your label on my blog and hope that a lot of friends will sew with me.
Greetings from the Netherlands


oh this sounds wonderful Helen THANK YOU so much this is just the kick I need to FINALLY start a quilt after years of being too scared to do it!!!! This is wonderful

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I'm really looking forward to this, Helen. I'll try not to have a look at the pattern. Your fabrics are a great choice!!

eliana arruda

hola Helen,gostaria de participar deste projeto,com todas voces.Beijos Brasileiros.


Hola! Te escribo desde Venezuela.
My english is no so good, but I'll try: I'm a beguinner, but I'm in. Let's see how much I learn. Kisses to you too. Bye.

Krist Van Os

I'm in - I'm not going to peek but it's going to be very hard not too. thanks


I am going to do this. It is my first mystery quilt. Thanks

Janine Lawrence

I love mystery quilts. So I will not peek.

mony caracheo

hola soy mony I love the idea of a salt mystery So I would like to participate I hope that this writing as well as I do through the translator and I said greetings


I'm in! I've been to the fabric store and then banned myself from visiting for several months. Not really into florals, so I have found a strawberry print which will work quite well. I'm really looking forward to this!


Hi Helen,
although here in Finland is frosty weather (over -10 C),the summer with mysteries is always interesting. I'll try to not peek... it's quite difficult to resist... I'm IN TOO!


Hi Helen!
This sounds like great fun! My 12y/o dd and I are going to join in. We chose fabrics today, and I will post about them on my blog soon. And I will not peek.... although it is very tempting!


Hi Helen!
I will upload now the button with your blog and the Great Summer Holiday Mistery (here it is winter though hehe...).
I just ordered the fabrics too...
Thanks for organizing this, you are great... I hope I can keep up the rythm
Love from Spain



Seria muy interesante participar.
Tengo poca experiencia con el patchwork, pero me gustaria intentarlo
Muchas gracias!!


Hi, I would love to try this, found you on Hooked on Needles. I will post your button too! thank you

Dzintra Ingrid

Thank you for this Helen...so very generous of you!!!


Once again how generous of you Helen. Now this is tempting .


Ok this looks like fun, my first quilt ever and I promise not to peek....... best go and get some material


Hi Helen,

I am IN! Hope to visit Crows today t get my fabric - so exciting. Now I HAVE to get Oliver's quilt done by end of weekend so I can focus on this.


I'm no good at mysteries, but I won't peek at the pattern.

I don't have much of a stash anymore though - darn it. I suppose that means I need to go to a fabric shop? Ah well another reason to visit.


Hi Helen,
I like mysteries and I'm lokking forward to do this one.
Kind regards Heike

cindy rangel

I've got you linked. Hopefully I can get it done


I'm so excited by this. I've never done a mystery quilt before. I'm going to try not to spoil the fun for myself. We'll see how long that will last...lol. D.:=)

Erika Richan

wow I love the colors you have. I am excited to fing out the design thank you for this treat

Mary Grace McNamara

Helen, this looks like fun! I hope you don't mind that I have written a post including information about your mystery quilt which will be published tomorrow morning. I think my readers would be interested in your project. Love your fabric picks too...so bright and cheerful!


amanda Ryan

Even though it's the depths of winter here in the UK - the temperature hasn't gone above freezing for several days, and not forecast to for a while yet - I'll be joining in. If I can find some warm, summery colours perhaps I can fool myself. I'm going to try not to peek, but who knows.


Count me in. I am very excited about participating in a project you are sponsoring. I am currently stitching the NPNT blocks, a little at a time, and just love your designs and fabrics. I will be looking for my fabrics today. Thank you for sponsoring this.

simone de klerk

I'm really looking forward to this, Helen. I'll try not to have a look at the pattern. Your fabrics are a great choice!


I'm in but I haven't peeked at the pattern!


ha ha helen, i don't think there would be many of us who could resist taking a look at the pattern! i couldn't help myself. it's gorgeous!
thanks so much for offering this BOM!

Jo in TAS

Love the bright fabrics you've chosen!

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