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January 15, 2009


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I just found your great site today.
The mystery looks like it is almost solved,
but I would still like to join.
How do I go about....I see #2 - #7 listed.
What are the requirements, and how do I start...where is #1?

Janine Lawrence

This is greta Helen. I would support women against marital abuse. To many women put up with it and I think if those who disagree got together more victims would see that its far from acceptable.
Regards Janine Lawrence from Deniliquin


Hi Helen, Remember me from Townsville/Canberra/Scotland? Love your blog and what you have been doing for the past few years - well done. My choice of charity would be to support a child through Plan or World Vision. But there are so many worthy charities it is always difficult to choose. Have chosen my fabrics for the mystery quilt but have yet to begin. Hugs Alexandra Macgregor


I'm having a wonderful time doing my very first mystery quilt and eagerly wait for the next stage.
I am finding it difficult choosing just one charity so I guess a scientific charity that develops the cure for cancers and other life threatening diseases


this is so wonderful thank you Helen! I am trying to get started but haven't been able to buy a rotary cutter or mat yet, but I will, now my machine has dies and needs going in but never mind i WILL get there, Just popping in to say I have mentioned your BOM on Stitchers Showcase in our Quilter's Group as it is for novices like me and thought it would be great for others too, hope this is ok???


Thanks for the second part, have it all done now and only a couple of unpicks LOL. This is fun and I am understanding what to do each step so far.

Charities, I do tend to lean towards breast cancer myself


Thanks for sharing a fantastic project, while I haven't started yet, I should be able to get it happening next week after the visitors leave.
My charity of choice would have to be Save the Children, because they help to alleviate suffering of children across the globe.


I've sponsored a girl in Cambodia for a few years through World Vision. Part of what she gets from World Vision is an education which means she has more opportunities as an adult. (I'm a teacher, so education is a top priority for me.) Here in Australia we have so much and there are many countries in the world where the people have so little. I chose World Vision because it is non-denominal and it benefits the whole community, not just the individual child. Like the saying says....it takes a village to raise a child.....and we live in the world village....so World Vision is the go!

Western Australia


These are all great charity suggestions, but I would lean more toward children's charities, maybe March of Dimes or St. Jude's? There are certainly lots of great charities to support!

I'm just joining in here with the mystery. Had a bit of a challenge coming up with fabrics from my stash, but I'm well on my way now. Just posted at my blog about step one and I hope to finish step two today. Thanks, Helen! I needed something like this to give me a lift. ;o)


OH NO she has posted the next step and I have not done the last!

Charity wise - I support breast Cancer but it gets so much rave. Maybe a unsung hero type of charity - quiet one that plods away without any energy to ask for help... I think Dzintra's idea of careing for the carers is good.

Dzintra Ingrid

As I am a carer for a daughter with a disability I think time out for mothers who don't get a break too often...even to just go out for a coffee...see the latest movie...a date with Hubby...support groups. Having said that cancer research also.


I have a daughter who has had diabetes since she was 8 (now 31). Last year she was diagnosed with bowel cancer so I think my choice would be cancer research as
many people have been able to live a long life having diabetes not so with cancer. Although having said that, juvenile diabetes would be a very close second.


Having recently lost my Father to prostate cancer, I would love to see women get behind this one in the same way we support breast cancer. After all, men got on board our campaign, and it would be a very supportive thing if we boosted their campaign.


My first thought was breast cancer, but gosh, there are so many worthy causes that affect women.


Thanks for the second part of the mystery quilt! I can't wait to do it! I love the way the first part is looking! Since my step-sister has stage 4 breast cancer, your question is an easy one for me. Breast Cancer Awareness, promoting mammograms and early detection.

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