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June 25, 2009


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measurements on this pattern are not accurate not are the small paper piecing square.

Helen Stubbings

Hi Maureen. Yes these patterns are still available on my new website. 

Sent from my iPhone

Maureen costello

LOVED YOUR QUILT!! Are you still doing patterns? If so I would love to hear from you--

Linda Lemoine

The quilt is beautiful. I would be honored to win such a nice gift.

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Your pattern is beautiful! Red work and can't get much better! Thanks for the chance!


Yes it is very sweet quilt. It would be an honor to win such a pattern.


Alexandria Burt

Christmas is but fast approaching. Everybody is in hurry to the store to buy something for their decorations. I am but wondering what gifts to give to my cousins and friends.

Davina Tapie

Hi Helen,
getting a little nostalgic for Christmas and looking for inspiration, (even tho' it is October) I came across your "night before christmas" banner. It's absolutely beautiful. Does the kit still exist? If so, how can I purchase it?
thanks in advance for any help on this,


Please, please, please draw my name. I LOVE red & white quilts and hand embroidery. Twas the Night
before Christmas would be so much fun to do.


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I then added a Chocolate Chip mat and then Riding Hood Red and finally, one of the darling Imaginisce patterned papers. I think the card is pretty self explanatory so I will give you a shopping list so you know what I used on it!!! I do want to mention tasdfhat the off white flower was sprayed using the Mocha Shimmerz Spray. It looks SO pretty IRL!!! Here is a closer look ~

coach outlet

is beautiful.
I like very much.
nice with the red wire.

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Hi Helen,

I have put a photo of your beautiful new Christmas BOM on my blog:

I only have 8 followers but I only started my blog and 2 to 3 months ago.

Anyway I LOVE it.

coach outlet

Hello again Helen,

Lovely design. Just in time to start for Christmas!


I really love your patterns, and I have made a link to your page. Please count me in on this giveaway. Hugs Jofrid

outdoor fabrics

I really love the artistic design made to the fabric.


OH how I wish I had seen this one when you first wrote about it. Lovley indeed.


Love the redwork and the piecing. Thanks for offering this pattern in your drawing. I'm new to your blog, but love your designs. Please keep it up.

Nicole Eder

oh it is beautiful! I would like to do it...
Many greetings from germany


Hi Helen, can you please-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e
toss my name into the hat to win a pattern too. I bought one pattern similar to this with music notes and snowmen. Love the pattern. Haven't made it yet. Wondering if I can machine embroider it -- slightly different when I do. I'm all talk though, never know what I'll do when it comes right down to it. Got to be creative.
Thanks for the chance.
Lindy of UT

Allison Rodgers

beautiful BOM, I would love to win it, please enter me in your draw!


es un trabajo maravilloso, he quedado encantada ojala llegue a mis manos, felicitaciones


Wow - I'd love to try this pattern. Never tried stiching besides from a small nametag.


Helen por motivos de salud no me enteré a tiempo del sorteo y sino es mucha molestia pedirte el patron me encantaria tenerlo, te lo agradeceria de corazón, me fascinan todos tus trabajos, un beso desde España


Hi Helen,

your pattern looks very nice. But the weather here in germany is so far from christmas time...

Lluisa Rodriguez

I love this pattern. I like it very much. Best regards. Lluïsa.


Beautiful pattern,would love to have it!

Iris (Herzblatt)

I just discovered your website/blog - The giveaway is marvellous!!
Please enter me into the give-away drawing.
I will link your giveaway on my blog immediately!!
best wishes


Hi Helen, Sorry I don't have a blog yet but would love to go into the draw. The pattern is grat I love Christmas and the redwork is also a favorite. Thanks for your generosity.


Your blog is wonderful, along with your quilt. It is absolutely beautiful. I have the perfect place for it.


I read about your give away on a friend's blog, will definitely link to your site and come back often to visit.


oh is it lovely. I would like to do it...
greetings from germany




Hi Helen, it's beautiful pattern.


Hello!, how are you?, I´d like to have this pattern, it´s lovely!!!!!!!!. I enjoy to make quilts, cross stitch, knitting, well here´s the link of my blog , I´m not sure about how to be a follower of you here


Hi Helen,

Count me in please, it is beautiful!


The perfekt Christmas pattern. I would love to stitch and quilt it. Thanx for your Hugs n kisses blog. Best wishes / Berit from Sweden


Oh what a wonderful Christmas pattern.. Thanx for your Hug´s n kisses blog.. Best wishes / Berit from Sweden


I LOVE your pattern. I actually saw it on another blog (she just received the first block) and I had to go searching for it. I don't know if you're drawing is over, but it's a beautiful quilt.


What a beautiful quilt, I love red work it is such fun to do
Judith in the UK


Muy lindo tu blog y todo lo que haces me agradaria participar



Account Deleted

Hello again Helen,

Lovely design. Just in time to start for Christmas!



Hola Helen,en ecanta tu patrón y me gustaria participar en el sorteo,felicidades a la ganadora es precioso, un saludo.

Mary Carole

I NEED this pattern!!! It's perfect for summer stitching in our 110 degree heat!
Help!! I need something cool to work on!
Thank you for the great giveaway.



Ann-Christin Norén

Oh, it was a very beautiful Christmas quilt. I would love to be a happy winner. I have linked it and I hope it will work!


Whauw what a beautifull quilt!!! Love the pattern!! Many greets from Holland!

Anita de Rooij

Hallo Helen, What a beautiful Give away. What a nice idea.
Many greetings from the Netherlands


Hi Helen!, a quilt is very pretty, I love redwork!
Carolina, Spain.


yo tambien quiero el patron , es muy bonito,
puedes hacer un BOM para todas ?

Ambyr Amoureuse

Hi Helen,
Wow!!! I am a maniac of the tapestries and this really good idea for the Christmas. I am learning my daughter to make the same and she is really good in this. I think to surprise my family for this Christmas with this one. Thank you.

Perry Dauzat

I love this pattern. Please enter me in your drawing. Your stitching is wonderful.

gloria Gonzalez

Hola Helen me encanto este quilt, quisiera ser la afortunada, la navidad es mi epoca favorita,
mi blog: http//

Liz in Kansas

I am the original last-minute-stitcher, but this is cute enough to get me started right away! Please pick me!

Liz in Kansas

Helen Stubbings

Erika, you are a winner! please email me your snail mail address so I can get a full set of patterns to you to finish for Chrismtas! hugs Helen

Helen Stubbings

Elaine, you are a winner! please email me your snail mail address so I can get your set of patterns into your stitching hands. hugs, Helen

Helen Stubbings

May Kristin, you are a winner! please email me your snail mail address so I can post you a full set of Twas the Night patterns. Hugs Helen


amiga es hermoso el quilt.. me encantaria ganarlo
un beso y visita mi blog


I love your work,please include me in your giveaway!!!Thank you so much!!!


Me encanta el panel es precioso, seguro que una vez hecho te queda precioso. enhorambuena por la eleccion que has hecho.

Barbara Mars

Oh, Helen - you have done it again with another gorgeous pattern! Hope to win it and hope you keep designing these wonderful patterns forever!!!
Thanks -
Barbara in TN


Greetings from Canada, it's hot here now but by Christmas it will be a magical snowy wonderland - this amazing quilt will be right at home.


Hallo Helen,

i like your blog and also this pattern.
Greetings from Germany

Account Deleted

Hi Helen, I´m Soledad from Argentina, but i´m living in Brazil, I saw your work and i loved it, i don´t know if i can participate but i posted it on my blog anyway, kisses Sole


I lovie it, i will put it in my blog...please put my name down for the giveaway...besos marci


Well, of course, who wouldn't want to be a recipient of this pattern. It is just lovely. Thanks for this little 'game'.
Nana Marne

Cathy M

Absolutely darling.


You didn't say that you had a comment from Canada so here I am. I just love doing embroidery with my patchwork and the elegance it displays. Love your work.


Would love to win this in time to stitch for Xmas

Highland Quilter

Saw your quilt in Hobart and I just loved it.... Well Done is very cute and very festive!! Cathyx

Elisabeth Jonsson Svedberg

Oooh... it´s gorgeous! I would really really love to win it :-)



Hi Helen,
what a wonderful pattern ! I like it so much!


What a beautiful pattern!I like very muh!
Hugs:Melinda from Hungary




Val Dickinson

Hi Helen,
Another fantastic pattern I would love to win I don't have a blog up and running yet wont be long I hope I love your site its like visiting an old friend every day
Keep safe and happy sewing


Helen another wonderful quilt.
I would just love to win this pattern
a true christmas spirit.
thank you


Hola Helen es precioso me encanta , me gustaria mucho participar gracias

Zandra Saenz gusta mucho la navidad...dichosa la que se lo gane, seria feliz si soy la afotunada.
Gracias por la oportunidad

Elaine C.

What an adorable quilt project... I know many quilters start X-mas projects in July so this is perfect! Thanks for chance to win it too! I posted links and photos on my blog... hope you gets many requests for it!

Ludy Nelson

Can't wait to start ....

Veronica Donoso

Hi Helen !!Love your pattern .Please !
Put me in your Hat ...and ...pick me
Hugs from Chile , Vero


So I see you're over 300 now - but I'm still going to comment to let you know how much I love this wall hanging (oh and I'll keep my fingers crossed that I might win a pattern too!) - because I love your work and all that share with the quilting community. Helen, you rock! Have a great day.


Dear Helen,
oh, what a great Christmas project, I love your pattern.
Hugs from Berlin, Jutta


I hope I'm not too late to join in! I have rediscovered the joy of stitching.


You're pattern is beautiful. My daughter was born Dec. 21st and Christmas is her very special holiday. Would love to make this for her. Sorry, I do not have a blog but enjoy reading yours.

Vicenti de la Fuente Chacon

Encantada Helen de ver tu blog,y me encantaria participar en este sorteo,asi que me apunto.Felicidades.Vicenti

Veronica Donoso

Hi Helen !!
I love to win your pattern .
Hugs from Chile , Vero

May Kristin

I couldn't resist! So here's my comment!
Looks like a fun and great pattern, and I love when it's done in one colour!
And I've made a short little post about your great give-away!
May Kristin


It's very nice! I would like it! :)))


Lovely project.


Hola Helen!!!

Love red and your new pattern is precious. I just posted on my blog.

Regards and have a nice week!!!

Joan Anderson

OOPS! My last name is Anderson - guess I just get too excited when I am on your website!

Joan Andwerson

Helen, I do not have a blog or website; however, I added your pattern picture and website address to my Facebook Page as one of my favourite things! I have been doing some of your colorque from your book and I absolutely love it! The one I am doing is the mini Baltimore Album. Lots of work but LOTS of rewards. Thanks for all your creativity! Joan


Hi Helen
Your design looks wonderful! I have popped a link on my blog.


Hello Helen, please include me in your sweepstakes, is beautiful. Thanks, kisses


My favorite Christmas "story" of all time! I can't wait to do this one! SO beautiful...


Hola!!!!! que hermoso diseño, sera el sueño de muchas poder tenerlo.... yo tambien me cuento entre ellas, felicitaciones y gracias por este sorteo, es magnifico.
Cariños Odette


Hi Helen,
I love the pattern and I am happy to be one of those that gets you to the 300 mark your almost there. Thank you for a lovely blog!

Becky in Georgia

Love, love, love this new quilt! I've been trying to resist your give-away because I am trying to finish projects not begin new ones, but I've given-in. Thanks so much for offering this give-away! Take care!

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