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August 07, 2009


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chriss jasper

Look to the Light at the end of the Tunnel - something someone told me in my bleakest hours, battling cancer. My best wishes to "A" may she have the strenght,determination and support to overcome her battles.


Hugs and prayers for "A". Sew many blessings after the storm. Hang in there.

The Redhead Riter

I just wanted to let you know that I featured your tea cup collection, found here:


in my blog posting entitled "What Do You Collect?" found here:


I also love your blog, so I will visiting often!


"A" My prayers are with you. May you find strength each day. Lots of love to you...


I have understand not all but I send a big kiss to "A", I hope the best for her and I hope lucky too for all the angel's swap 2009! I'm so happy to be also this year with all of you :)

Sorry for my english! :)


Hugs to A. A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels. We'll be praying with you throughout the swap.


Your swap was my first swap too Helen and it was a lovely introduction to blogging and swapping.
Thoughts and prayers to A and thanks again to you Helen.


Quilters are such special people. A big big to "A". I can hardly wait for this swap. Have some plans in my head already. Thanks for doing this Helen, I know that it is a lot of work.


Prayers and hugs to "A"...Quilters and stitchers have a very strong bond....we tend to do things with love and friendships are life long...Thanks you for bringing all of us together...


Hugs to 'A', and I'll think of her and hope that she will win all the battles she might still have ahead of her.


A. if you are reading this - know that as I stitch throughout this swap I will be thinking of you and wishing and praying that you "win" and that you will be able to participate again next year!

Teresa Sako

This will be my firt swap with you and I´m excited. I´m sure I´ll enjoyed it very much. Thanks.
Teresa Sako.


That is why the Quilters world makes everything so special.

Shiree Johnston

Last years Stitcher's Angel swap was my first swap -and my introduction to blogland also - so a very big thank you Helen. It has been a truly wonderful time, and i have met so may wonderful blogging friends, it is truly amazing. So I can only begin to imagine the support and love that has been given to Angel "A", and I hope that she has drawn strength and courage thru this, as I am sure that she has. I wish her all the very best


The Stitchers Angel swap 2008 was my first swap which began my journey through a number of swaps leading to new friendships and the beginning of my blog, which of course has put me in contact with even more creative types. Thanks for hosting again. I am looking forward to creating some of the new projects.

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