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August 12, 2009


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Hi, I have contacted my person and received a reply, and I have been checking my spam, but have not gotten anything from my Angel. So what should I do....just keep checking spam?
Hugs Margarita


Oh, oh, Helen, I've mine, and very excited... This is my first time like Angel, and want to be perfect.
Thanks for this beatiful idea!!!

Helen Stubbings

hi Kelly, someone sends to you and you send to someone else, so you will
have a secret angel and you will be a secret angel to your assigned partner
- a 3 way swap.



Got mine too Helen .... thank you :o)
Joy :o)


My first swap, and I'm just wondering if we send to the person who sends to us? Or do we make the items for someone, and a different person sends to us?

Thanks Helen for organising this!

Ibolya Fazekas

Thank you Helen!I received the mail too!

Mary Grace McNamara

I got mine and have already "checked her out" at her blog! Thanks so much for organizing this swap again. Last year's was my very first swap of any kind ever, and was such a good experience that I am now Hooked on Swapping!


JRZ Jenn

I received my email too! I'm so excited to start! :) Thanks for all your hard work.


Thank you for alle the work you have done for us.

carolyn jurrjens

Thankyou Helen, l've got mine and am very excited, Carolyn


Hi Helen. I've got my email too.
Hugs :)

Debbie Arnold

I am so excited, I got my email too. Deb

Barbara Graham

I've got my email and will be contacting my secret angel as soon as possible :) Barb.

Queen of the Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries

Thank You Helen...I have mine♥x


I've got mine as well, thank you again. :-)))

Hugs, Anita


dear Helen :)
I received the mail, thank you,

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