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August 11, 2009


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Looks awesome ....
Thanks for sharing...
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Hi Helen! :-)

I have come for a visit after reading Jo's blog... she is such a tease showing me a sneak peak of what you've been up to! So here I am, I'm not blurking any longer!!! :-)

I'm also a big fan or circles, redwork and appreciating life... so I'm really looking forward to seeing your quilt in it's completed glory. It looks wonderful, what you have shown thus far! So when are you off to Houston, Helen? That sounds very exciting, but I'm sure there's lots of hard work that goes into it as well.

Somebody said on a blog recently that computers are like men... can't live with them and can't live without them! I thought that was a good analogy!!!

Take care!
Vikki :-)


I can't wait to see the new design all put together! I love the background fabric with the red floss. Another beautiful pattern to enjoy!


I'd have 'em LOL. I'm sharing my DH's and it's a real pain. I miss my own computer *sniff*. Good luck with yours!


I know what you mean, Helen....I've had love-hate 'issues' with my machine for a while now.....won't send messages but will receive in certain programs....finally fixed last night after many months of frustration!!!!! My condolences on your loss but lucky you....back ups are sooooo worth it!
looking forward to starting the swap!!! Looks wonderful
Wendy B


Beautiful!!!!! What a sneak peak can´t wait to see the whole thing.


Sorry to hear about your computer - went thru the same thing recently. OOOOOHHHH those peaks! How I wish I were going to Houston!


I just LOVE the sneak peeks! Can't wait to see the whole project! :0)


What is it about computers lately? mine died and I am using my daughter's laptop. I hope mine can be fixed and soon! Good luck with yours.

Joan Anderson

Oh, Helen! I can hardly wait to see the finished product. I want it!!!!!!!!!


Looks great - I just really love redwork. Can't wait to see the patterns.


Thank you for the sneak peak. Looking forward to see more sneak peaks : ))


I am so looking forward to seeing this project - It looks fantastic !

Teresa Sako

Yes, we must thank our computer. My life has changed since I learned to handle it only one year ago. I have met wonderful people.
Your proyect looks wonderful. I hope your computer get well soon.
Sincerelly. Teresa Sako.


Mmmm! This looks very interesting, can't wait to see more.


condolences for the computer. Can't wait to see your project completed and the pattern released.
It looks very tempting!

Rachel D.

Wouaw, so beautiful ! I think I'll have to wait... like all of us. So... I'll wait. ;-)


What a pity for your computer ... I hope it heal soon! Your new project is wonderful .... I look forward to its completion!!!!!
Hugs :-)


Looks wonderful! Thanks for the sneak peak, and hope the computer will be back soon.


Oh, it's so cute !! thanks to let me dreaming. Catherine from France


Bummer on the computer problems,
but yummy on the peaks of new things to come
they look lovely cant wait

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