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August 18, 2009


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Helen Stubbings

Never mind, you are not alone, you can still work up a friendship without
her knowing too much about you. All she knows is your name, not where you
are from or your blog address, hey it could even be a false name for all she



I also found out (too late) that my name appears in the email to my partner using gmail. Oh well, hope it doesn't spoil things too much, I guess it doesn't show where I am from! Have heard from both angels and love the first project. Looking forward to tomorrow and new project. :o)


Fortunattly I have take contact with my angel and with my swap angel, it's so nice to meet people like this, thanks a lot!

Angie Carroll

Dear Helen,
What a surprise I have just received to find out that I have a swap partner as I never received a confirmation email I thought that I was not accepted or the computer at the internet cafe wouldnt let me send to you. Thank you very much for allowing me to participate. I enjoyed last years swap and know ill enjoy this years. (My partner last year was my mother)
May the fairies bless you and happy stitching, Angie


I love your blog....
Its always great ...
Thanks for sharing...
Apply now Nation wide cash

Helen Stubbings

Hi Deb, you gave me a chuckle then... What luck, for it to still be in your
draft box.. Well done



Helen Stubbings

Hi Ter, it is called Waffle knit I think, I got it years ago but it is
available still, used for bath robes, towels, bathroom accessories quite
often and yes its lovely.



just a quick note on the type of material that you used on the bottom of the bag seems we can not locate... but not to worry we have a good sub... but still wondering what its called
thank you

Debbie Arnold

Hi Helen
It took me a while to work out how to do the email thing as this is all new to me, and the kids usually always help, but no I did it myself and sent the email, and then a friend, another angel told me about how you send to self and see what name appears, did this to my horror my name appear, too late have sent email, or have I, checked tonight and it appears that my email is still in my Drafts waiting for me to send, hence why I had not heard back, but have now sent and surprise surprise, have already heard back. LOL
Hope this helps the other angels don't give up, where there is a will there is a way and a big thankyou to you Helen for all your tireless work. Thank You. Hugs Deb


Hi Helen

Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely bag pattern. I have almost finished the stitchery!

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