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September 14, 2009


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Ok, how about this for a name. A cotillion is a Debutante Ball, and Southern US ladies are Southern Belles. Your quilt is blue, so how about.......

Blue Belles.

PS - I love the scrap quilt - WOW!



Memories of the Cotillion (shows my age)
I would like to suggest
"Save the last dance for me"
Love your site Helen and a big thank you for sharing your wonderful designing talents with us.


Hi Helen, the scrap quilt is beautiful!!
How about the name: 'Dancing the night away?'
Very talented woman you are!!


Hi Helen! I'm so excited about this BOM- I've already started nagging Jane about getting it in (actually that started when you first blogged about it)! Not that I've finished NPNT- but hey UFO's are one of life's joys don't you think? I have no idea what to suggest for the blue one- but it is gorgeous so I'm sure you'll find a name.


Lovely, Just lovely!!!

Blogless me

I love the red quilt. Wish I had it - OK I'm daydreaming ;-)

"Belle of the ball" was the name I thought of within a millisecond of seeing the quilt. Hope you like it too.


Blogless me

I love the red quilt. Wish I had it - OK I'm daydreaming ;-)

"Belle of the ball" was the name I thought of within a millisecond of seeing the quilt. Hope you like it too.


Tracy in SW WA

Love-love-LOVE the red quilt! I think I might have drooled a bit...


Blue Skies and Happy Days (Ahead) - have fun at Market


I like this quilt. What do you think of Spring in Paris. The colors do remind me of spring.


Hola, Helen! La colcha roja/bordó es MARAVILLOSA! En mi color preferido y combinación perfecta!!! Me ha dejado sin palabras ver lo que Ud. hace con los "descartes"!
Respecto a la segunda colcha (muy dulce en tonos y diseño) me sugiere dos nombre: "Flores en el paraíso" o "Danza de margaritas en el cielo"!
Mucha suerte con sus preparativos, no olvide respirar profundo! Muchos abrazos!!!
Google Traductor: "Hello, Helen! The quilt red / burgundy is WONDERFUL! In my favorite color and perfect combination! I have no words left to see what you are doing with the "discards"!
On the second quilt (very sweet in tone and design), I suggested two names: "Flowers in Paradise" or "Dance of daisies in the sky"!
Good luck with your preparations, remember to breathe deep! Many hugs!"


Reminds me of a "Spring Waltz."


what about 'Fleur de Lis'....looks a little like the symbol in the centre...or perhaps, 'Fleur de Coeur' seeing the centre has both hearts and flowers...and has an obvious French influence....mais oui??
Whichever....it is beautiful....and I love the red/beige one too/still!!!!
Have fun deciding!!!!
;o) Wendy B


I love circles, but I can wait to start a new project as that is all I seem to have been doing lately. The red quilt is gorgeous. The other quilt is very pretty - Singing the Blues!


Wow! The red quilt is gorgeous! It makes me want to say...you did WHAT with those scraps? What a stunner!


Love your Cotillion quilt Helen.
What about names such as "Ladies Choice" or "May I have this Dance",
hugs Deb


congratulations for your blog, and your projects. My suggestion, to give a title to your pretty drawing, I l' would call: VERSAILLES, the arabesques make me think of the castle of Versailles meadows of Paris. Friendships and good continuation .Myricoud


The red quilt is stunning Helen, not bad for scraps. Its amazing what you can make sometimes.


Oh what delightful quilts - sorry no name ideas for your pastel quilt


What about Arabesque, the Cotillion was the precursor to the Quadrille, which was the precursor to Ballet...


What pretty quilts. I like the soft colurs in quilt 2 and suggest the quilt name of "Corsage" to pick up the floral theme in the stitchery panels.
All the best in getting ready for Houston


WOW! So beautiful!I would like to give the second quilt a french name.... my first suggestion was: "la vie en rose".

Hugs Barbara


oh I just love circles.

for the name Blue Hearts & Pink Flowers.


I love the first quilt... very cute.

What about :French Lace Daisies or French Lace...


Sandy N

Ange Moore

The red circles are amazing!

As for the second quilt - how about...

Dancing Petticoats (petticoats are 'Cotillon' in French - where the name Cotillion came from according to Wikipedia)


Jupons de danse (dancing petticoats in French)


Underskirts of Dance


La Debutante Francaise

Underskirts of Dance is my favourite - thanks to babelfish translating 'Dancing Petticoats' to 'jupons de danse' to 'underskirts of dance'.

Good luck in the lead-up to Houston!

Karen C

Cotillion Scroll

Laurie Breadmore

A name for the Cotilion

How about...
French Summer Ball
French Summer Waltz


Wow!! I love the red quilt. It looks wonderful. That's my favorite color. The circles are so beautiful.

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