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September 21, 2009


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I'm trying to figure out how to contact my angel. Seems every mail that I send has my real name on it LOL. Maybe I'll email from my daughter's account. AHA! Haven't heard from mine either though. My angel will be getting a gift soon.

Joanna Perry

Thank you for this pattern. It is very charming.


I have gotten a few comments from my secret angel and th eother day I got a lovely gift in the mail:

Love the swap and projects so far :-)

Helen Stubbings

Welcome Chris, glad you found me, do pop back often for a visit - I love to
think I have friends in France!



Just received an email from my Angel that she had put a comment on my blog in August. I don't know how I missed it, I must be getting senile. Colleen


This project was published last year on the Husqvarna site (designer Sue Hausmann, USA) and called "Bedside Caddy".But I love this applique project much more even if there are less pockets.Very cute, thank you.

Just found your blog and I love it.
Chris from France

Illene Tiziani

I have been in contact with my angel but havnt heard anything from any one who is my angel

Gina Koston

What a pretty project. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do applique, but I have ways around things ;)
I stay in touch frequently with the person I'm sending to...(using a secret email address), but I haven't heard anything from the person who has my name. I'm just assuming she just doesn't have a way of contacting me secretly, so I'm not worried at this point. :)


Cute project.

I have sent a mail to my angel gift receiver ages ago, asking some questions that are essential for her gifts,
but I have never heard back.
Can you please contact her for me ?


Dear helen .... What can I say about this new project? Very very beautiful! I go immediately to thank Cori for this gift .... and of course thanks to you!

Josette Marcellino


Could you please email me when you get the chance I need to speak with you regarding the Stitcher's Angel Swap. Thank you.


Thanks for that reminder Helen. I haven't heard a word from my angel. Colleen

Rachelle Jones

What a beautiful design. Thank you so much for organising all of this Helen - WOW - I Mean WOWWWWW!

Rachelle x


I loved this work. This appliquée is so perfect that it is like a paint.

Hugs for you and a great week.
Renata (Brasil)

Wendy B

Here, here!!! It's been like Christmas, opening pressies each Monday morn!!!
Have absolutely loved it!
Thanks Helen and BIG hugs to you and your jolly stitching angels
;o) Wendy B

Chris K

Hi Helen

Just a special thank you for co-ordinating all these wonderful designers for the Stitchers Angel 2009.....One more to go...

It has been a pleasure opening up each Monday to find what treasure has been created for us.... a big thank you to all these ladies.

Thanks Chris NZ

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