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September 07, 2009


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Hi Helen, Not sure if this is the right place to post this but......I have not heard from MY ANGEL whoever she is, she has not even made contact. Not one to whinge but, if I can make things for my buddy....why is MY ANGEL not even made contact. Some people should not sign up for these things if they can't even follow the simple guidelines.Sorry but I had to vent that out...


Thank you Helen for keeping us up to date!. I am looking forward to making this for "my" angel.

Carol Hansen

Very pretty. I am planning a project using the different designs for "my angel". Have sent out a package already. Fun. Fun. Fun.


óóó, I love it...thank you :)

Helen Stubbings

My pleasure Cristina, I am very pleased and happy to make new stitching friends for you across the world.
hugs, Helen


Hi Helen, the pincushion of Tracy is wonderful!!
I too have had a little signal from my secret angel (I hope she write to me again ♥) and I have exchanging emails with my Angel partner (very fun)....
All this is very nice, I can have new friends in places far away from me.
Thank you mother Angel, without you none of this would be possible ...


Hellen, I love this your project Stitcher’s angel project .
They are beautiful.
Thank you.

Helen Stubbings

Hi Di, that's lovely and exactly what I hope happens with this swap so I am
so pleased you have found two new friends.



Diane Cannon

Hi Helen--I am having fun with this swap and my angel partner has been touch alot and my secret angel for me to for and I have been in touch--two new friends--thanks--hugs, just, Di

Queen of the Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries

Thanks Helen...and a big hug to you too!!! I'm on my way to Tracey's...have a great day♥x

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