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September 24, 2009


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S Hunting

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your reply - I never even knew that Derwents came in 120 amounts - there is where my confusion lay...

Well I won't get much done between now and the weekend - hopefully next weekend I can really settle down and give it a good shot...

Kind regards
Sharon Hunting

Helen Stubbings

Hi Sharon, those two colours you would only get in the tin of 120 colours I
think - or buy them individually. There is a link to the right where you can
buy individual pencils online at Oxford online art supplies. Yes Prisma
pencils are much softer and good to use as are the Colorsoft range from
Derwent. With the coloursoft pencils you can move the colour around a little
with the medium but the normal (artist/studio) colours don't tend to move
much although you can work the brush in to blend them a bit. Have fun,
thanks for trying it and reporting back.



S Hunting

Thanks Helen - everyone thinks what I have done looks fine... The colours just don't look as 'painted' as yours and the fabric shows through.. The Artist Derwents I have didn't have a Claret or Light Moss - however I just used the closet pencil shade... I also have some prism colour pencils and they are a much softer pencil so I used a combination of both... Another question - Do you use a flow medium to help spread the colour around...LOL I willl leave you in peace now except to say this has opened up a completely different horizon for me...

Helen Stubbings

Hi Sharon, sorry I didn't get your previous email. I still have my original
set of derwents which would be about 30 years old and I am pretty sure the
numbers are the same if they are the same 'type' of pencil - that is artist
to artist etc.. Of course they may well have changed their pigment 'recipe'
over that time. Some of the lighter colours are a little more difficult to
get onto the fabric and you do have to work harder, especially the 1800 rose
pink. Are you using the sandpaper as that really helps. I will also admit I
don't prewash any of my fabrics! Unless there is a red in there.

I still haven't watched it, too busy with Houston lists and the football
(can you tell I am stalling) so I am so glad you enjoyed it.

Hugs Helen

S Hunting

Hi Helen,
I am not sure whether you got my email last weekend - I am learning to 'drive' the new beasty - laptop - so I could have sent something off to cyerspace... I think you were beaut on the DVD - and as I said in my email it was as though I was sitting just the other side of the table from you as you demonstrated... I have since had a go but I think because my Derwents are so old that they just don't seem to have the coverage - there are even a couple of colours I had to guess as I think there must have been some name changes or colour changes since I bought mine which was about 20 years ago... Perhaps different pigments... Another question - lol - should I always wash the fabric before I apply the colour so that it 'grabs' the fibres more readily - I don't think that was the problem in this case as I had aready washed nit before I used it... I warned the lady at my local needlecraft shop that she be be inudated with inquiries about the threads as her shop seemed to be only one of a few which stocked them...

I wish you ever success with your venture -I look forward to having more of a play in the near future.And of course any excuse to go and purchase more pencils is always a good one...

Take care..

liege welsch

Parabéns Helen, espero conseguir esta revista aqui no Brasil... beijos

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Helen!!! This is just what I have been waiting for! I am off to find this magazine. -Cori

Dzintra Ingrid

Hi Helen...I purchased my copy of this mag this week...and like you I have not had the time either to watch it but I'm sure it will be great!!!


Congratulations! Hopefully they will send the DVD with the US magazines! I've been really intrigued by your technique and I'm looking forward to seeing it in Houston.

Illene Tiziani

I subscribe to Homespun and loved your table runner though havent had time to watch the DVD as yet \I was reading through some old magazines and recognised you in a couple


I watched it last week and wanted to email you to congratulate you on a fabulous DVD. Well done! I enjoyed watching it and will try the colourque too very soon. Its very good Helen :) hugs

Rae Ann

I am so excited!!! Do you know where in the USA I can get this? If not a shop that will mail to the USA?
Thank you


Congratulations!!! A wonderful technique.


Congratulations Helen!!!! Love the runner :o) - can't wait to have a go at your 'colourque' :o).
Joy :o)


Hi Helen,

I have seen the DVD, it was great!! and I learnt heaps. I went out and brought the pencils and I am having a practice run with them already.... LOVE IT...

It is amazing all of the different techique's around.

Sandy N


The magazine arrived in the post the other day. I will now have to settle down to watch your DVD. These DVDs with Quilters Companion are the best! I keep referring back to them. I love getting to learn new techniques.


Congrats!! I will have to zip out tomorrow and find a copy.

Karen Beigh

That deserves a big congratulations!

Miss Nancy

Congrats! Looks like a great article. I would love to see it and do the technique. I will look for the magazine in the US. Thank you for sharing.


Congratulations! I too will be looking for it here in the US!


Congratulations. We'll have to see if we can get our hands on it here in the US! Enjoy the limelight!!! :)

Lorraine should watch were great....!! well done!!


Wow! Now I'm intrigued! I will have to look for this magazine. Congrats Helen!

Tine D

WOW Helen! This looks good - How do I get hold of this magazine?
Tine in Denmark


way to go Helen ..shall have to keep my eye out for this for sure,cheers Vickie

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