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August 12, 2010


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I rather like blue and green together


I rather http://www.azilembroidery.com/>like blue & green together


my mum used to say it all the time and I used to wear it and still do............i love blue and green together..........


Nah...as a redhead....wash ma mouth out if my Mother heard me from Heaven say that...as an auburn haired girl, with freckles...I always knew that blue and green were perfect together.
But oh not fuchsia or hot pink.....oh nooooooooo.
Am I silly, yes 4 am ...blame silly Snapfish site which was being horrible to me.
Besides look at the header on my blog and tell me blue and green should never be seen. God knew better. But then He made fuchsia pink and that is a worry.


I have to admit, that blue and green (sometimes with a bit of purple...) is my favourite colour combination - and it has been for as long as I can remember! The slide show here shows great examples of succesful blue-green projects :-)
Tine in Copenhagen


I've always loved B & G together...I even have it in my Decor..Glad it has made it into Fabrics..not sure how old that saying is...pretty Old I think!


I remember when I was doing art at school....many years ago now lol I was told by the teacher to not put blue and green together as they just dont go!! I had done this of course and just couldnt work out why I was told they dont go. I have always loved these two colour combinations and will use it when ever I feel the need. I would like to see that Art teacher from way back when and have a little word to him lol

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