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November 09, 2010


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This is a beautiful block. I would love to win 100 Blocks. Thank you for offering it. Take care and God bless, Cory


I love hearts and quilt blocks with hearts. :)


I just subscribed. I love your blog. Your block is so wonderful. I can't wait to give it a go!! Thank you!


Hi Helen,
I love your block - it's gorgeous!


Lovely blocks! Wish my applique skills were up to it.


Hi Helen,
I've followed your site for some time now. Such nice work.....and such a joy to see.


Please include me

Beth Paulson

Hello Helen..Love your Applique block.and others that you shared ..need to tell my friends so we get lined up to do Stitchin around the block

Cathy Gray

Your quilts are just beautiful. I'm a crafter and don't do quilts but have many in my home. Just love everything. God bless.


Thanks have beautiful work!


Congratulations - your block looks romantic!
I've subscribed via Google Reader!

Betty Meissner

I'd love to win a copy of the 100 block book. Thanks a lot!
Betty M


You put a lot of love into each block!

Lexi Lucas

Well done on being on the cover! What a sensational feeling that must be.


Cover Girl! With that awesome block; for sure.


Very pretty block- I love the stitchery added to it. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win a copy of the magazine.


I love how you combined applique with embroidery. Would love to win a magazine.

Nancy Sue Phillips

Congrats on your block! Thank you for participating in the blog tour. It's really fun!
nsue21702 at gmail dot com

Quilter Kathy

I would love to win a copy of this magazine and get started making my quilt blocks from this issue. Congratulations on not only getting your block in the magazine but being on the cover. Your block looks quite challenging...I hope I can make it :)

julie w.

Congratulations on being a cover girl. Thank you sincerely for the chance to win.


Like your block? Heavens no. I LOVE your block. It's beautiful! Great job!! Awesome talent!


Simply gorgeous designs and your stitchery is stunning. Will look forward following you in the future.

Patricia S

What a beautiful's no wonder that you made the cover!!! I can't wait to get a copy of the magazine so I can make it, too!!!


Congrats on making the cover. Your block is lovely. I like all three of the blocks in your post.

Linda (Petey)

Your block is deserves to be on the cover! Congratulations.


Congratulations on being included in 100 blocks ... and being a "cover girl." I love the theme you developed--will we see more in this series? It's wonderful.

Kathy Oppelt

Can't wait to make your block Helen! I love combining applique and stitchery, and my birthday is Valentine's Day!


Congratulations on your block on the front cover. It's a great one! I just signed up for your RSS feed, and I've enjoyed perusing your blog.


Please enter me in your giveaway of the 100 Blocks magazine. Thank you.


I love your block and can't wait to see Volume 2!! I loved Volume 1!!


Nancy B from Many LA

I love your block! It's so cute!

nrbird @

Connie Campbell

Love your block and congrats for being on the cover! Thanks for entering me.


I love your blocks ... beautiful!

Kelsey Rose

Of course your block is on the front - it's beautiful. ;)


Nice applique! I've never done applique before, so I have extra admiration.


wow, gorgeous pattern! Looks so fancy :)


Beautiful block. Congratulations on being included in 100 Blocks.


I love your block!! It's gorgeous !!!!


That is a gorgeous block!


I've enjoyed your work for a couple of years now and this block looks just like you...bright and cheerful and innovative! blessings, marlene


I love hearts and your block is divine! Thanks for the chance to win!


BEAUTIFUL BLOCK !!! Thanks for the chance to win 100 Blocks ... and REALLY appreciate the GOOD tip on your quilting drama ... good reading!

Becky in Georgia

Congratulations on having a block in Vol. 2 especially on the cover. Your block is a combination of so many styles. Very intricate. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!


Very nice block I hope to make it one day! Thank you.


Congratulations! I've only been here a few times, and recently stumbled on your current stitchery. Your block is beautiful and I can't imagine how excited you have be to have been chosen!


Love your block. It is so pretty. Congratulations on being picked for the cover of the 100 Blocks magazine. Thank you for the chance to win one.

Liz A.

Beautiful block! Love it.


I'm so glad you are in the new issue! I've had you in my reader for a while. Congratulations!


Your designs are always wonderful, Helen, and this one is no exception!

Julie in WA

Your block is absolutely gorgeous. I would learn embroidery just so I could make one! Glad your talent is displayed in this edition of 100 Blocks!


Theblock for the 100 Blocks is beautiful and I love the Helen Cover block just below that top one.
I would love the magazine and I've just signed up via email subscriptions to your blog.


I love the idea of appliquéing the corners to create an inner design. So clever! And congrats on making the cover!


I've been following your blog for some time now and just love your work. Thank you for a chance to win the 100 Blocks magazine. If I win will you autograph your page?


The block that you're displaying ua in the magazine's adorable!!!


I love your block! Actually I love most of your creations :) It would be wonderful to receive a magazine from you - if I win, would you autograph it for me?? Thank you for the chance to win.

Kathy H

Congratulations on making the cover. Your block is wonderful . I love that it combines stitchery and applique.


All three blocks are delightful.

Marcia W.

Thank you for this nice giveaway to celebrate your place in 100 Blocks. Your quilt block is lovely with the many hearts. Please enter me in the drawing.

Karen Muller

Wonderful to see you block it is so beautiful can't wait to get the magazine to make it Karen

Pat V.

Thanks so much for the chance to win. You have designed a lovely block!

Di Jobbins

Beautiful block, Helen. I love your designs. Please enter me in your giveaway as I would love to win this useful magazine. I already follow your blog through Google Reader.


What a nice honor to make the cover. Your block is gorgeous, and so are the other two you designed. Any block made with love has to be beautiful.

Cecilia Young

Your block is beautiful. I would love to win the magazine. I've signed up as a follower of your blog.

Carrie P.

I love all your blocks. I did buy the quilt aid block you designed.

Nichole Alvarez

Looking forward to the chance to attempt your block!

Michelle M

Love it! Love it! Love it! I can't wait to stich it!


Congratulations on your beautiful block. It would make a great quilt or even just a pillow. Thanks for a chance to win the magazine.


Your generosity for the Quiltaid Project is admirable. Such lovely designs. Awesome that you made the cover!


very nice block!!!


very nice block!!!

Julia P

Lovely block! Enjoyed visiting you blog site, you have such great talent. Congrats on being on the cover of the magazine!


Wow - beautiful block. As a newbie I'd not attempt it until I've got some experience under my belt. :o)


Ooohhh! I love your design. So many possiblities. Thank you

Tina Freudenberger

I love reading about your QuiltAid blocks. I also support an HIV/Aids orphans in Bikanka, Burundi ( and am trying to get inspiration for an African inspired quilt to raffle off for the building of the school. Thanks for the inspiration!


Hi Helen, Lovely blog! So full of information. I subscribed in Google Reader to get your feeds. Great block, and I'm excited to check out what your stitchery is.

Kathleen B

Helen, I signed up for your RSS feed. Please include me in the drawing. Thank you for your participation! Kathleen

Lee Ann L.

beautiful block!

I signed up for the RSS feed; but, I'm not sure if it worked. Also, I use Google Reader to follow blogs; so, I manually added your blog to Google Reader. :-)

Debbie  St.Germain

Beautiful block and love combining applique and stitchery.


Robin Koehler

I don't need to win, I have my own copy:)
Just wanted to drop by and say I love this block! I remember when you first started asking questions about market on the designer list and look at you!!
Congratulations and enjoy...this has been a blast!


Love your design! You have an eye for movement and color!

Jackie Hicks

Wonderful block - makes me want to try to applique again.


You did a fantastic job on the block. Congrats on making the cover.


I love your block and your blog. I have signed up for the feed. Look forward to checking out your site.


Helen I love your block. I already follow your blog and enjoy the patterns you send out.


love your block, super cute, i would love to win a copy of that magazine, thanks

Ellen Ban

Congrats on your beautiful block making the cover! I'd like to try some embroidery in my quilting and your blog is very inspiring.

Mary Ann

Amazing block. I'm signing up for your feed and am off to check out the other ideas on the site. Thanks!

Melissa Corry

Congrats on being on the cover. Your block is adorable!


What a sweet block! It deserves a cover spot. ;-)


Beautiful block! I signed up:) Thanks for the chance to win.


This block is amazing Helen. I'm so pleased for you that they picked it for the cover.


Congrats on the wonderful applique block and making the cover. I hope to have a personal copy of the book.
Thanks for all your blocks.


I love your block - congrats on making the cover! I will sign up for the RSS feed - thanks for inviting us to join your stitchalong!


Didn't know about your site, but am sure I'll be frequenting it. I love applique. Beautiful work!

Lisa England

I am new to your website and so glad I found it. That pink flower in your website header is fabulous!

Tracee (Quiltkitty) from Perth

I can see why your block made the cover Helen, it is glorious! The other 2 are very pretty too especially the pink one.xx


Love your work, your stitcheries are brilliant and while I didn't get organised to do the stitching around the block I am collecting the instructions and making it as a Christmas present

madame samm

YOU are tops in my world..great block...and your blog is a terrific find...drop by Stash Manicure..would love to have you as a guest..


I love your block and congratulations on making the cover
Well done :-)

Teresa Felgueiras

Congratulations. Looking at your blocks its easy to understand why you got the cover. They are absolutely fantastic!

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