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December 24, 2010


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производители металлоконструкций

Добрий день! Цей пост не може бути записана будь-яка краще! Читаючи це повідомлення нагадує мені мій старий добрий помічник кімнаті! Він завжди тримав чаті про це нам. Я переслати цю записи до нього. Досить впевнений, що він буде мати гарне читання. Велике спасибі за обмін!

билеты в театр

Це було досить умови, що Є багато там тільки й чекають право.

погружение шпунта

This is a fantastic view of the situation, I don’t think I’ve quite seen it from that perspective before.

Jo E

I can't wait for the first issue to arrive in my inbox!

Carrie Graziano

Love the format of this new e-mag. Can't wait until it starts!


what a great preview... i can tell it will be a winner and what a treat to be able to win a years worth of fun....
enjoy and have a wonderful new year....


this is a great idea an e-magazine my bookshelves are overflowing and I have already culled quite a number to my local Quilting group

Nancy Sue

I love the idea of an online magazine where I can print just the items that I need. What a great green way to start the New Year! Thank you for participating in the blog tour!
nsue21702 at gmail dot com

sandra parsons

Hi Helen, It looks good! :-)
Love the "Garden of Stars" pattern, and the Applique BOM is just my "cup of tea". Sandy.

Patricia Moseman

Always excited to see new ideas from a variety of quilters.


What a wonderful opportunity!! It looks great!!


It looks very nice. I would love to get a subscription of this magasin. It looks great. Hugs Jofrid


Looks so interesting! I love new quilting magazines, and I'm always looking for new ideas. Thanks for offering a subscription.


I just love that it will be online! Thanks! projects in the mag look wonderful. Thanks and have a great New Year!

Deborah Barry

LOL, I won't have to worry how I am going to smuggle this new magazine into the house....I can hide it on my computer. Ingenius.! Bring it on, I say!
Thanks for showing us, Helen.
PS I am loving the Stitching around the Block with my friends.


Hi Helen,
thanks for sharing! Online-magazine is right for 2011. This way it's a "green" magazine: you only print on paper what you really need. And it saves on many more things. Keep it up!

Bev C

Hello Helen,
An interesting concept having it online, definately right there in front of you.
Happy New Year.


I'd love to win a subscription, Helen. It would be great to be able to save all the magazines on my computer!


I am looking forward the start of the new online magazine.


Looks like a great idea. No worries about international shipping and great contributors. I am, even at 65, becoming a fan of online magazines. scarlette in a foot of snow in Virginia USA


Great Idea - congrats on being in on it ... wtg

Kerry Leslie

I can't wait to work on the BOMs in the magazine!


Hi Helen
Verrrrryyyy impressed with the new magazine. What an awesome way to view it. My bookshelves are definately full enough already!!!!
Can't wait to find out more about the first one


I'd love to try an emagazine for quilting. Better for my home, no lost magazines or extra clutter! So glad you can enter me for a subscription!


I'm looking forward to this magazine. Thanks for a chance to win a subscription.


New magazine looks interesting - look forward to seeing more of it. Would love to win the subscription
Hope you Christmas was merry


Love the idea of less books on the shelf so count me in please.


Interesting I think I need to try it before you can convert me. Would love to win subscription to see.

Marcia W.

An online quilt pattern magazine is a good idea. It comes down to execution as the one I tried was very slow. So, glad you are having a giveaway for a subscription as would like to try it first. While Christmas is over in AU, we have a few hours left in Florida. Though, Dec 26th will be our 4 generation celebration meal and gift exchange. Blessings. MarciaW. alternate email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Julie Clark

I love the idea of an online magazine, great layout, lots of potential.
Thanks for a chance to win a subscription.
Merry Christmas


It's a great e-magazine. I will love to win. Thank you for the chance of winning.
Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Hugs - from Brazil

Linda Carhill

I'm looking forward to the new magazine!

Christine M

The magazine looks really great. Thanks for the chance to win a subscription. Merry Christmas Helen.

Laurie in Maine

Have just renewed my friendship with quilting after a very long break (knitting socks and learning to crochet.) PDF version seems ideal as I try to reduce the clutter and reorganize.

karen muller

Lokks wonderful can not wait Merry Christmas. Karen

Sharon K. Lozano

I am really pleased with this book. I definitely need an online one as my 3 bookcases are FULL!! I sure hope I win a subscription!! Great idea...

Bec Clarke

It has 2 BOM's that's amazing and the value for money is outragous.


Fantastic idea for online magazine. Thanks for sharing. Will look forward to the first issue.


I am very excited about this magazine, it looks very user friendly and I am ready to start some new projects!

Kathy H

I think storing the patterns on the computer is a great idea and I am looking forward to the 2 blocks of the month. Also, there will be an issue every month instead of every other month like the paper magazines.

Lee Ann L.

It looks so wonderful. Wonderful enough that I finally just bit the bullet and subscribed the other day. :-)

Jytte R

It seems to be a great magazine and a very good idea for us living overseas. We don't have to wait very long time before it comes to Europe, but can have it at once it is published.

Rosemary Dempster

the magazine looks great, and the idea of going green really appeals. Thanks for posting.

Looks as though it will be a great magazine! Would love to win a subscription. Happy Christmas to all!


Looks a great magazine! Great idea for us overseas readers!
Happy Christmas!


Love the quilt on the front cover. Looking through the abreviations it looks like they have lots of different styles of piecing and applique covered. Something for everyone that is what I like.
Enjoy your Christmas day :-)


Great layout, very easy to navigate through. The BOM looks like fun! Storing it as a pdf will be much easier than storing another printed magazine. Merry Christmas

Karen Woodhull

Nice layout in the magazine. I especially like the Garden of Stars pattern.


This looks like it will be a very good e-zine. It's especially nice to be able to see magazines that aren't always available in my area.


I've seen this new emagazine info in the past week and love how this one looks. I've seen others and they are very hard to navigate through. This one appears to be VERY user friendly including the benefit of allowing printing of pages quite easily. I'd love to win a subscription.


Looking forward to the first issue of this new emagazine. I would love to win a subscription.

Merry Christmas!!


It's a great idea to have it in pdf format, especially for those of us in countries where the post is not reliable!

Elizabeth Kenny

Looks like a great idea. No more books on the shelf all just tucked away on the computer.
Have a great Christmas and new year. Hope to have " Stitching around the block " finished soon Liz


Very niiiice! So are you the unique quilter she mentions, Helen? Love some of the projects in the first issue. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, Helen. Meeeerry Christmas!

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