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June 26, 2011


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Bobbi Nelson

Searching for the font you used on a quilt block. It is used on a Christmas tree and has the word Christmas at the top of the block. Thank you , for your help.

Dzintra Ingrid

Thanks Helen for explaining everything...have put the button on now...and I will have to look into the ceramic pencil...have never heard of it!!!


Thank you for the tips and instructions. My college daughter and I are following on this.


Yay Helen, I am with you - Who cares what the back of your stitchery looks like, most of the time it is hidden with backing fabric. If the front looks lovely, then i've done a great job! I do use knots,just like yours. Very enjoyable tutorial, looking forward to it. Maxine


Hi helen thank you for your tips

I am a knotter and you are right who sees the back when its all finished loved it



Thank you Helen for the tips and instructions I put the button on and will be back to learn more!

paulette doyle

Thanks so much, Helen!! I'm loving this...and have put the button on my side bar!

Jasmijn Katermans

Hello thanks for the great instructions!!
By for now. Janine


thank you for taking the time to show us the basics, can't wait for the next lot, Sunday is so far away


Thanks for the tips.

Helen Stubbings

Thanks for the tip Wendy

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Helen Stubbings

Hi Julie I always show it as it's amazing how many people have never known how to tie an easy knot guess we all just assume they'd know that basic 

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Helen Stubbings

Yes Robyn even just having water in the iron with steam off can cause blurred lines so I mKe sure to have it completely dry

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Helen Stubbings

Hi daisy no pattern was just demonstrating the technique

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Helen having a blonde moment .......I am surpose to have the above pattern if so where do I get the iron on pattern from ????


Thanks for the advance notice on the stitching part. I'll empty the water from the iron too in future instead of just turning the steam off. I wondered why it was blurry sometimes!


Hi Helen
I was shown how to do that knot at my first beginners patchwork class in 1987, and have used it ever since. I even taught it to my mum and she taught me to sew.

I am looking forward to making my very own stitch book.


Great Helen, I am a non knotter but will give that a try. Tracee xx

Sheryl Scholte

thankyou Helen

Wendy B

Just a thought.....I forgot in my last comment...when knotting, after you've wrapped the thread and beginning to pull through, I like to 'hold' the loop open with my little finger to guide it so the knot doesn't form too early!
Hope this makes sense!?


Thanks Helen a reminder is good cant wait for next week to get started with the threaded needle :-)

Wendy B

thanks so much Helen...great to revisit the basics! I learnt that knotting technique last year and ab-so-lutely love it! Works every time!
sugary hugs
Wendyb :O)


Thankyou Helen, great instructions. Clear and concise.


This is a lovely concept Helen, thankyou for the time and effort you are putting in to all these tutorials..

Belinda Shreeve

Yay you! Can't wait to get the needle into the fabric!!! I'm impatient like that!! :-)

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