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July 10, 2011


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خياطة وتفصيل

thank you so much


thanks Helen I am stitching along with you, but I am making mine into blocks to put into a cuddle quilt
When whip stitching if you turn the needle round and put the head in first it doesnt catch the thread and goes through smoothly.
Off to start block2.

Helen Stubbings

You can do it Anna yes you can

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it's the word "exactly" that always gets me...lol


Hi Helen - nearly finishd today's page. I am using a hoop (don't usually) finding it a bit odd but will perserve. I had to do the same with thimbles after I started getting holes in my fingers. Now I can sew without one.

At my local quilting group during the week my friend Ros and I had a laugh- last week I was attending Stitched Sunday while she was stitching with you on Sunday (in Adelaide).
I am having fun.


Hi Helen, I had a lovely time in at Inspired Stitches last Sunday,I've nearly finished your project.I have started Stitched Sunday and now you have inspired me to also make a needle folder as my needles always become mixed up and I never know which one I am using. I enjoy your lovely projects and ideas. Keep up the great designs.


Great post Helen : o )

Question... when you are doing needle turn applique do you also use a hoop then? I never have and can imagine it being even more fiddlier...

I am not a hoop user but next project I will. I hope to be surprised and see my stitches are more consistent!


Thanks Helen very clear I liked the needle part nevr sure I'm useing the best needle :)

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