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August 07, 2011


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Anne Elias

Thanks Helen. I'm going to try again now, hopefully with no gaps this time :)

Martine Van Meeteren-stijl

Thanks, I learned a new stitch.




Thank you, now I shouldn't have twisty bits in my satin stitch. I'm not keeping up but I've downloaded the patterns and written little notes for the future stitching of them :).

Christine M

I hadn't heard of split stitch before. I've only done a little satin stitch (my Leanne's House quilt). Thanks for the great tips.


wonderful advice...thank you!


Thank you for this help. I have done a little satin stitching, but it does need some improvement. Your directions are precise and clear. Thank you!


Thx for such a clear explanation. The only stitch I am really terrified of is the French Knot. But this ranks as a clear second.


I'm enjoying your blog very much. And I always had trouble with a satin stitch. This is very helpful and I appreciate it so much!!


Excellent!! The few times I have had to do a satin stitch (I try to avoid it), I've kind of fudged it. Always came out 'just okay'. Can't wait to give this a try. Thanks, Helen!! ~karen


Satin stitch is one I have had a fear of trying, but this lesson has not too much of it. You tips are valuable!

Pat harrell

Thank you! No wonder I never liked my satin stitching. I was doing it so willy-nilly. I'm ready to give it a go again.


GREAT tut Helen.

Thank you!

Think will have to hoop a lot more!


Thanks for the satin stitch tutorial. This is very helpful. Hopefully my little stars will turn out looking a little better. Will have to undo some previous work though :)


You do a beautiful tutorial, I really like the look of satin stitch.


Thanks so much! It doesn't seem quite as scary now.

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