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August 14, 2011


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This info is worth everyone's attention. How can I find out more?


hello! i am an avid follower of your tutorials. i would like to ask how you finish off your french knots on the back of your work. do you make several at a time and travel the thread across the back? i'm wondering if the thread shows, or if the stabilizer helps to hide the thread. if you only need one knot, how do you secure the stitch on the back? thanks!


so much beautiful stitch...thanks 4 sharing i will try it.


Guau..... todos los trabajos son hermosos, excelente fin de semana.


Thank you Helen for your tutorial. I always struggled making french knots but making colonial knots is so easy the way you explaned it.


I love your blog and your jobs, they´re gorgeous. Thank you for the tutorial. See you soon...


Thank you I had wondered about Colonial Knots.


Hi Helen - am following your tutorials with interest and enjoyment. And then, heigh-ho, I am one of those annoying people who spot spelling oddities right away - the pistol stitch should rather be pistil.


Thank you so much for these fabulous tutorials. They are very helpful.


The Colonial stitch is all new to me, I must start practising!


Exactly like I do th colonial and I too prefer it too... much neater...Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tutorials..I learnt to perfect my stem stich thanks to your Tut...now I am more confident dooing stem stitch...
Hugs Dawn x

Samelia's Mum

Knots are my nemisis, but you make them look so simple. Thanks for the great tute.


I'll have to try the colonial knot soon. I've never used that one before. Also love the bullion roses.


Nice tutorial, I must give that colonial knot a go as I agree it looks nicer than the french knot that can look 'drunk' after awhile!

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