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September 29, 2011


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vail in tn

What a great tutorial! You do some amazing things with color.

vail in tn

Cindi C

Great Tutorial! It's an interesting technique. I may have to give it a try.


I've come over from Sew we quilt - Nice to meet you too and thanks for showing your clever technique.

Donna Cutting

I came from Madame Samm's. Knit?sew? Sponsors me.
Fantastic tutorial, love to color, now I can do it on fabric, thanks to your tut. Love embroidery to, thanks for sharing.


Fascinated by the technique in your tutorial on Madame Samm's blog and I am now following you...can't wait to read more from your blog. I will definitely be trying Colourque. Thank you.

Karen S.

I came over from Sew WE Quilt. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

Toni Anne

Madame Samm sent me, you are one talented lady! I'm a new follower to your blog. I think I'll be visiting often. Thanks! ;->


Inspired by your wonderful tutorial. Can't wait to give this technique a try!

Nancy B

I'm a new follower from Madame Samm's. Thanks for the great tutorial. I have not heard of Colourque before... good on 'ya!

Sandra Davidson

Thank you for the lovely tutorial enjoyed it very much and will give it a try some day

Lori Genovario

Thank You for the tutorial at Madame Samm's.


Thanks for the lovely tutorial over at Madame Samm's :)

Linda Winters

I'm a new follower over from Sew We Quilt. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Rhianon Taylor

Hi Helen. I'm now following you after seeing your post at Madame Samm's. I found it interesting becasue I have just finished a trapunto butterfly in which I used exactly the same method. Please feel free to come to my blog and have a look. Looking forward to following your posts :)


Fantastic tutorial, Helen!! You have been offering so many stitcheries to make, I'm having difficulties keeping up! But boy, oh, boy, am I learning a lot! Thanks! ~karen


Thanks for the tute and the links for downloads! :)


Thanks for the tutorial at Sew We Quilt, I had no idea that could be done. It opens up so many possibilities.


Thanks for the tutorial at Sew WE Quilt. This technique is all new to me and I'll be giving it a try.


This is so easy! Thank you for the intro - I know just the design I would like to make for a pillow.


Helen...I am so happy to be introduced to your blog today via SewWeQuilt...your tutorial was terrific and I adore your technique! I became a follower today only because I didn't know about you sooner :) Aussi-m job!!!


It's sew nice to meet you too!


Hi Helen, I am a new follower and I just have to say: WOW! This is so cool! I cannot wait to try this method and I am so grateful to M. Samm for sharing you with us. :)

Patty Ojeda

Thank you so much for the tutorial! Just goes to show you can learn something new! Love love love it!

Kathleen S

I am over here from SM today...loved your tut and can't wait to try it....


Thanks for the beautiful tutorial!!You do great work.



Marsha B

The tutorial was great, I want to try it!

LJ Meyers

This is definitely a technique I want to try. Thanks, Helen.

Mom C

That is a great idea. I've used fabric paints and permanent markers to color fabric but your technique looks so much softer and usable. I didn't know about the stuff you used to make the colors permanent. I'll have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy H

Helen, I have been following your posts with the stitches and have been enjoying it a lot. I am trying to improve my stitching and your directions have been very helpful. Thanks for sharing them with us. I saw you over at Stash Manicure today and just love the pencil coloring. My friends and I were just discussing crayon coloring on stitching but this way looks even better. Can't wait to tell them about this.

Summerfield Quilts

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I've never seen this before. I can't wait to try it.

Carrie B

What beautiful work. Thank you for the tutorial at Madame Samm's.

Will put this on my list of projects to try.


A big 'thanks' for the great tutorial at Sew We Quilt!!! I'm now subscribed to your blog and look forward to more inspiration.

Carol C.

Thanks so much for the great tutorial!! This turns out so beautiful, and looks so fun. I can't wait to try it!!

Anita - Vlijtige Handjes

Thank you very much. I like the pattern and the way of working with the colors. I have to see if I can get the glue in the Netherlands for finishing.
Good luck with your fine designs.

Four dogs and one quilter

Am a new follower. Great tutorial at Stash Manicure.

Marcia Wachuta

Great Tutorial at Sew We Quilt! Following you now ... looking forward to following... Enjoy your day!


Thanks for the great tutorial. I hadn't ever heard of coloring instead of applique. Sounds like something I need to put on my list to try when my life settles down.

Pots and Pins

Loved your tutorial on Sew We Quilt! It's so clever - I've not seen anything like it before but now I'm going to have to give it a try myself! xo, Nan


Thanks for the great tutorial on a new to me technique. It looks lovely! I am sponsered by Lily Pad Quilting.

Rita Goshorn

mme samm sent me ... i enjoyed your tut and browsing here on your web. i think i can do this!


Thanks so much for the tutorial over at Madame Samm's and the neat image to use! I'm a new follower.
http://conniekresin.blogspot.com/>Quilting by the River


And thank you for the tutorial on Madam Sammi's blog...and all of the others I found while looking around your blog! So much knowledge shared!
Your post today was very timely for me. Yesterday I colored 4 blocks for a baby quilt I am giving as a gift. I was thinking I needed to find instructions to make sure I did it right before sewing them into the quilt...now I don't have to! Lovely job of explaining. The only thing I did different is how I stableize the fabric for drawing. I drew my own design on the dull side of freezer paper. Then I ironed it onto the back of my fabric and traced and colored it. The fabric doesn't move and I have a reusable pattern if I wish to keep it for another quilt.
I'm looking forward to looking around your blog more. I'm following so I don't loose you, lol.
Thanks again


I so enjoyed your post over at Madame Samm's....thanks so much for the inspiration and fun tutorial.


Helen! Thank you for your tutorial at Stash today - You are a marvel! Did we meet at HMQS a couple of years ago when you won best booth? Congratulations to you in all your successes! From the looks of things, I need to check out your stitchery tutorials!! Stunning! Best wishes from Utah!


Hopped over from Sew We Quilt...although I do visit you often, I have become a official follower! I really want to try this new to me technique. Thanks for sharing.


I hopped over here from Madame Samm's (whew! That's a lot of water to hop over! LOL) and wanted to say thanks for the great tutorial! I can see a lot of uses for the cute pattern you provided...I'm off to download it now!


Thanks for the tutorial at Madame Samm's.

Sharon Buford

Over from Stash. This looks like so much fun - it would be great for small gifts to friends for the holidays. Hopefully the "follow" worked. Hugs SB


HI Helen. It's great to see you popping up at Sew We Quilt. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you.


Came here from Madame Samm's. Can't wait until I have more time to look through your blog and try out your Colourque technique.

Linda K

Thank You and Thanks to Madame Samm, too, for bringing your lovely work to Sew We Quilt. I've been looking around your blog and now I'm wishing again for more hours in a day!! Can't wait to get out the colored pencils and try your technique.


Helen!! I'm sew excited!! That is truly AWESOME!! I am following you! And, not only am I following you, but I'm putting your blog on my favorite blogs list on my blog page!! Your work is BEEEE--UUUUU--TTTIIII-- FUL!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial over at Wantobe Quilter!!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

Carol C

I too came over from Stash and just love your blog. What a wonderful tutorial. Your stitching is out of the world. Will be following you for a long time!


I loved your tutorial over at Madame Samm's. You do lovely work. I hope to try this soon.


I came here from Stash and I have to thank you a million times for the wonderful tutorial!!!You are a very generous lady!
Blessings and hugs from Brasil!


I popped over from Madame Samm's. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I can't wait to try it.


Thank you for this very informative tutorial. Your artwork is very inspirational.

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