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October 04, 2011


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Jane T

Boy am I one happy camper!!! I searched the site and found the directions for the stitch book. I have downloaded the patterns and if it weren't the wee hours of the morning, I would begin tonight. I am so excited I should start tonight because I probably won't be able to sleep. Thank you so much for sharing and teaching us "newbies" how to embroider.


oh how much fun is this love to colour and stitch thank you for the chance to be in the draw hugs Beth


Hi Helen, We are never too old to pick up a pencil and colour in. I have had a go and really enjoyed the finished look.I will use your colourque technique again. Maxine

Donna Joy

Loved learning about your coloring technique, dragon flies are very unique and I am looking forward to working on your design. Thanks for offering your book. I follow you , and love embroidery


Great technique and a very fun blog!!


Would love to win....after just finishing your colourque pattern from Madame Samm's and putting it on my blog, I'd love to try some more! Was just like a kid much fun!!!!
always a fan,
sugary hugs
Wendy :O) xo

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Wow it looks amazing.Specially i like the first one.Its round shape increases its beauty.


Great tut on stash manicure. I tried it out on a quilt label looks cute. Dragonflies are one of my fav bugs. Thanks for the chance to win the sample and the book as well.


Thanks for a chance. I'm off to check out your colouring tut.


Helen, You are a fantastic stitcher and I would luv an original handmade by you! Oh, and since I am also a stitcher, I would like to try colorique. Your admirer...Jewelboxchar

Helen T

Hi from another Helen! Would love to try Colorque. I enjoy reading your blog every day (or every time you blog). Love your tutorials also. Keep up the good work and keep blogging.

Kathy H

I loved your post at stash manicure and can't wait to try this technique. I was glad you pointed out to color in first and then stitch around the section.


I always look forward to your posts and love the colourque technique. I recently used it in a small quilt designed by my sister and it looks great. Thanks for providing the DVD we learnt from.


I love your Colorque. I always loved coloring as a child and never outgrew it! Happy to be subscribed to your blog.


I am one of the many who discovered you through Madame Sam. I love your technique and would love to win the book. Thank you for the chance to win.

Rita Goshorn

i'm one of your mme. samm followers who is now your follower, too! i'm very interested in this technique! i could easily make my alaska sunbonnet sue blox like this! i have posted about this on my blog,
does it follow that i would like to be one of your winners? i am!


What a generous giveaway..would love to own your dragonfly and the book, too!!! Thanks for the chance...can't wait to see what you've been creating!!! I've added you to my personal blog roll.

Four dogs and one quilter

Would love a copy of your book. This is one technique I want to try. Thanks for the chance.


Your blog link has been on my blog for several years because I love your style. Thanks for all the lovely patterns and techniques.


I love, love, love your designs. I would also love the opportunity to win your sample and book. Thank you. Also thank you for your tutorial.


I'd love to have anything you've made, Helen. The book would be wonderful too.

Margie Crewse

Have had your blog on mine for a LONG time now and enjoy reading every post you make. Tried the coloring once but had trouble with it smearing. Maybe an instruction book would help. Really love the dragonfly and could probably find something to do with him!!

Julie Letvin

I love your sample - thanks for the chance to win! I also have really enjoyed (and learned lots)your Stitched Sundays.

Marcia K

I would love to be the lucky winner, I forgot to put my blog address in my last entry, so I hope I have changed my entry correctly.

Marcia K

I am so excited about this, I sure hope I am a lucky winner!

LJ Meyers

You do such lovely work...

Kate Sharpe

Hi Helen....I think your sample looks great...I would love to go into your draw please....You are already on my list of blogs I love to visit....Thanks Kate....

Carrie P.

Enjoy your free time.
Thanks for the great giveaway.


What a lovely giveaway, have been following for a while now. :)


Great giveaway. I have Christmas things to finish and then I get to play and I want to try this technique - so cool.


I would love to win this book. I just copied your instructions from MSamm's site so I could try it. Thanks! (Winning your sample - I would frame it in my sewing room)

Carol C

I have recently became a follower of yours and can't wait to see your projects done. Your stitch book from older posts looks like it was a fun project. Would love to add this book to my library. Thanks for the chance.

Linda H.

You've been on my blog roll for a long time! I give you all the credit for teaching me about coloring stitcheries, and I continue to enjoy it. Please DO visit my blog, and see my recent embroidered finish!

Thanks for the chance to win your super giveaway!


I have been reading your blog for over a year and love your stitching and quilting projects. I have copied off your dragonfly design but have not started it yet. Its on the to do list.


I want to try colourque so long time as long as you are on my bloglist :)


How generous, Helen. I just love the dragonfly stitchery. Funny, it's up next to be traced off!! THanks! ~karen


You have such beautiful project. Wouldn't dream of leaving you. Thank for the giveaway.

Heleen Groot

Yeah a give away. Since I don't ever win with a give away, It's safe for me to leave a comment here. For the record: I would love to win!

Christine M

What a lovely giveaway Helen. Thank you! I've had you on my blog list for quite a while now. I enjoy reading your blog.


I love that dragonfly how generous to give it away! Thanks for the chance. I follow you and you are on my blog list. Linda

Val Laird

You've been on my blog list for a L O N G time! Your book sounds wonderful. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

amanda Ryan

I've always wanted to try this technique but haven't been sure how to go about it, so it would be lovely to win.


I'd love to win your book!


Oh I just think this is the prettiest technique - I would absolutely be thrilled to win your original sample - the dragonfly is beautiful - And who wouldn't enjoy the book - The cover is gorgeous !!!
Please include me in the Giveaway ;)


Love the dragonfly, great technique

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady

I would love to win anything you worked on - please count me in your giveaway!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Annette Schuiling

I love dragonflys and would love to know more about the technique.
I would love to get a dragonfly tattoo
at 61 years old ? What do you think.

Paulette Doyle

Hi Helen...left you but it posted before I could type in my website...Paulette

Paulette Doyle

Hi Helen...left you a comment but it posted before I could type in my website...Paulette

Paulette Doyle

Of course you are on my blogroll...even have your button!! :o) Thanks for sharing all your stitching tips and love your tutorials!! Thanks for the chance to win your book!


Now that is a book I would love. I can even save postage & pick it up in a couple of weeks. You have been on my blogroll for ages. Nice giveaway - a H&K creation! Thanks Tracee xx


Of course I won't leave you!!! I fell in love with your work!!!I would LOVE to win this book for 2 reasons: I am really intersted in learning this techinic-I am already searching for a brazilian version of textile -and because books like this are really expensive here,when we can find!!!


I'm sure I could come up with something really cute to use your dragonfly on. I'd love the book too!

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