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December 06, 2011


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The patterns are lovely! I love the bullion stitch, roses, roses, and more roses.


Adorable bag and needlebook set - charming and romantic! Love all those stitches!


Berit Wartiainen Moe this pattern !I am not so good at satin stitches though…...

Susan Pearse

What a lovely set of patterns, and I would be thrilled to win a set so that I could have something to do during the long, dark nights at home.


Helen, I'm really loving your projects! I think the Chevron stitch you used in the Stitched Sunday posts is my favorite. Thank you for being so generous! Kd


Love the bag. Stitching Sunday was great, have done sampler for grandies to follow and emailed site to penpal in England for her daughter aged 14 to follow My 38th wedding anniversary on the 8th to win the give away would be a great gift to self. Keep up the good work


Lovely new patterns...My favorite new stitch is Fly stitch...I usually only do Backstitch...thankyou for reminding me that there are a lot of wonderful stitches to do....and I must admit that I have not done a lot of those since "high school" and that was many many years ago..I wish I had have keep my sampler from then...thanks for the chance to win...hugs...LindaB

Joan B

I am just learning to embroider and I love your Sunday tutorials. I like the lazy daisy stitch and I'm working on perfecting French knots. Your patterns are beautiful. Thanks for all your help and the opportunity to win.

Jo in Tas

The bright version looks fabulous!


I use the blanket stitch a lot and lately I have been stitching a lot of French knots on a little sheepie I'm putting on a needlebook...lots of fun!

Janet Selman

Love the bag and needlebook. My favourite stitch is the pistil stitch. Thanks for a chance to win your giveaway.


I love these patterns and the fabrics are wonderful

Carrie P.

OH, those are so pretty.
Lazy Daisy stitches are always fun to do.


This is beautiful, Helen and I love the pink. My favorite would be the bullion stitch, I love roses and these stitches make them pop! Enjoy your blog. Keep on stitchin' and thank you for the giveaway.


Love your new pattern with all those pretty stitches.
My favourite stitches are feather and cretan.

Rhonda aka Quilter in The Gap

I am just learning embroidery and I think my favorite stitch at this point is the bullion stitch. So much fun but such a challenge. I love your blog. Thanks so much for writing.


What beautiful patterns you do, and your choice of fabrics is exquisite.

I love doing the Stem Stitch now since you showed me how to do it correctly.

Happy Holidays!


I love the needle nooky!!
I'm learning french knots at the moment - thanks for your help!


I so love this design - well done Helen!

Annabels version is great!

My favourite stitch is the satin. I REALLY want to get this right - but I just love the look. So smooth and satisfying...


Merry Christmas! Would love to win this especially the needles. I have just started applique and hadn't realised there were special needles! Thanks for the chance. I like doing daisy stitch and now I have mastered the French knot I quite like that one too. Linda


oh such a pretty pattern Helen and it looks fantastic in both colours..thanks to your time and effort I now can do the bullion stitch and enjoy it,cheers Vickie


Wow Helen.. LOVE your new patterns... so pretty in any colour.

My favourite is satin stitch.... I love the way it looks



My new favourite is bullion stitch, I didn't realise they were so easy


Amazing new patterns !!! I like all : the shape of the bag, the small pockets for the different needles, the stitcheries ...and the colors you choose !
Bullion stitch is my favourite ! I like the littles roses we can make with !


I love the new patterns!
I have just started to Stitched Sunday book, I have done the first two pages and am now ready to start stem stitch. This stitch has always been a sticking point for me but your tutorial and instructions show me what I have been doing wrong. I think this will be my favourite stitch for awhile - at least until I do some more pages!


So pretty! Stem stitch is my favourite stitch. You needle Nook is cool! Love the name of it.Needle Nook....Needle Nook......

Christine M

Such a lovely pattern. The embroidery is beautiful. I do a lot of button hole stitch for my applique and back stitch for my embroidery but I do love adding lazy daisy stitch to make cute little flowers. Thanks for the great giveaway.


I think the Herringbone stitch is my favorite of all the Stitched Sunday tutorials. Lovely patterns Helen, and I would love to have them and the needles. You're right, the needles are the most confusing part of embroidery!




Mary Jo

Love the fly stitch and the Cretin Stitches! BUT I love ALL embroidery stitches!! Too hard to choose just one!!

Jennifer J

These patterns are beautiful! My favorite stitch is blanket stitch, because I am actually pretty good at it now, and stem stitch, because I am learning and it almost comes naturally. Many thanks to you and Stitched Sundays for the little I do know.


I am getting pretty good at doing my stem stitch, so I have to call that my present favorite. I really want to get better at satin and running stitches though. Love your patterns in both fabric sets.

Ruth B

I love this pattern Helen! And with the pretty pinks and flowers it is so girly - I love girly! My favorite new stitch is the bullion stitch. It looks so complicated but taken step by step it is easy. Thank you for all the things you teach me - your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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