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June 06, 2012


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you have great design of quilt. Simple but elegant.

jane denny

"Home" is where my wonderful hubby, our 'baby' (dog named Precious)share lots of love and laughter and a few stitches now & then!

Maree Graff

Hi Helen, I don't have facebook or twitter but sure would love the quilt. Being adopted, my home saying would have to be
'I didn't grow under my mother's heart, but in it.'

Take care

Jeannie Andthedogs

My home is where I am loved and appreciated - my safe haven in this mad world.

your quilt is so original and divine, a work of art. I am in awe of your work.

Hugs Jeannie in Australia
[email protected]


LOVE the Quilt!!! You did is again!!


A lovely quilt. I would like to win it, but I have no blog or facebook to post it...
I feel good in my home in the Netherlands, home is where the heart is:)

Lee Barnett

Thank you for the opportunity to enter at a chance for the pattern. I've recently started back embroidering again. My thoughts on HOME...home is where can be yourself, and know you are loved. Home is where you find rest, and peace.

Dianna Skillen

I have shown this to all members of my home as my birthday wish. Let's see if they come up with the goods :).

PS life is beautiful has been a delight to sew, especially to will the hours away sitting with mum during her chemo sessions, unfortunately she can't stitch during it but is good for her when she doesn't have the energy for anything else once home.

valerie b

This quilt will be a wonderful companion to my Life is....quilt. A free pattern would be just the incentive needed to get started. You are the best!


Your work is always stunning Helen. Thank you for the chance to win this great pattern

Nan S.

Beautiful, memory quilt!


What a beautiful quilt. Love the saying "Home is where the heart is"and also the one about a home should be somewhere where you feel comfortable. My home is simple and some times not always the cleanest and not the most modern but the children say their friends love coming here as it feels so comfortable and they can be themselves, not worry about being careful. A true home.


The quilt is so pretty, and I love clamshells, so easy to do.
My favourite saying is "Home is where the heart is". Thank you for a chance to win this lovely pattern.


Yes is a beautiful Quilt, would love to also bring it into my house of love and let it bring back memories of my Mum and Grandaddy who I miss very much, I do wish you will and Cheers with hugs angeljeanne (jeanne) xox [email protected]

Linda Robertson

As for me and my home/house we will serve the Lord, this quilt would be beautiful hanging in my living room, using the gifts God gave me to make it. I will give Him all the Glory!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

Mary Jane

Now I really wish I had a blog of my own! I'll still comment, because this is too beautiful not to tell you what a wonderful design you've made. As for my feeling about home, home is where they love you! (no questions asked, unconditionally)

Jan in Oz

I love it. It's such a happy quilt - and has beautiful stitcheries. Of course I would love to be a happy winner! Who wouldn't???

I've just put it on my Pieceful Days blog. And my home quote is "Home is where Love Resides".


I think 'Home is Where the Heart is.' is my favorite home saying. An oldie but a goodie. I think I might add family names in some of my curves.

Billie K

I shared this on my FB page. This so lovely.


Love this new pattern. Thank you for the chance of winning a copy. My favourite saying "A house is full of things, a home is full of love"


Absolutely beautiful...there is no place like home!


I like the saying 'please excuse the mess, we wanted you to feel at home!' or there is always the old favourite 'love lives here'

Lovely quilt, thank you

Saskia Mahieu

What a lovely quilt Helen! I would love to take a chance to win it. I mentioned your give away on my blog.

For me the following saying is very true because I like cocooning...
East west Home´s best!

Marilyn S

Would love to win...What a beautiful quilt. This pattern is new to me and would love to try it. tks M


Oh my goodness - what a thrill that would to win. Please count me in and I will post it on my blog immediately.


Congratulations Helen on another wonderful quilt, I adore the rounded lines & stitcheries, this is a "must do". Home is where my family gather for a roast dinner and "memories are made". Shared on FB.


Oh my goodness what a beautiful quilt!!! I am sharing on fb. My mum does quilting and I have always thought of home as wherever she is especially now that I live on the opposite side of the country!!!!

Marty Askins

This is a beautiful quilt, that could also be made into a signature quilt.


What a beautifull pattern. I love the idea

Alison M

Hello Helen, once again a beautiful pattern and your fabrics are just gorgeous! I think you said this saying in an earlier blog but, "there's no place like home" If I had red shoes I could click the heels 3 times too!

Angie Tackett

I love everything about this quilt. I've been trying to find a great hand stitching pattern to work on. I'm sharing on Facebook, and will share on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for the great giveaway. My fingers are crossed.

Beth Freeman

Beautiful embroidery and sentiment. "Home is where you hang your heart." since today is my birthday, I think this would make a good birthday gift!

Linda Schrankel

I tried commenting before, but I don't see it...I have a plaque hanging in my kitchen that my son gave me for Christmas when he was in college. It reads, "Home is really spelled MOM." My home is where ever my family is.

I also posted pictures of your quilt on my blog for my friends to see your beautiful work.

Sharon Arias

Beautiful Quilt! I am 72 years old and fairly new to quilting,it has become quite an obsession at this time in my life. I would love make this as a Heirloom quilt for my Children. We are all far apart in miles,and this Quilt just sums up so much Love and Memories.

Linda Schrankel

I shared your beautiful quilt on my blog for my friends to see your work!

Linda Schrankel

Home is where ever my family is....When my oldest son was in college he gave my a plaque for Christmas that reads, "Home is really spelled MOM." Thank you for the chance to win!


What a beautiful Quilt. Thank you for the opportunity to win. My favorite thing to say about my home is "Home is where my heart is and anyone is always welcome"
I will also share this on my face book page.

Paula Stuplich

That is absolutely stunning.
Home is where the best hugs are.
Will share on Facebook
Thanks for the giveaway.

Capi Cohen

What a lovely design. Our house has a cross stitch piece done years ago that says, "Home is where they love you." I would have to incorporate that somehow!

Bonnie L

I love the quilt. It is gorgeous.

Lyn Smith

Stunning quilt. Love all the embroideries included on it.
'Home is where the heart is'
[email protected]

Christine Hatton

Just love this beautiful new design and i have found the glue stick method so much fun. my saying would be "Home is were memories are born".

Sally Popper

What a glorious quilt!
I would absolutely love to give it a try. I think my saying would have to be...

East - West Home's best!

I like to travel but knowing I am coming home is the best!
Posting/sharing on FB

Angela H

Helen - another wonderful quilt to add to my list of "to dos"!!! My favourite saying is
Live Well
Laugh Ofen
Love Much....

Els Bakker

So beautiful! I hope to be one of the winners. Keep my fingers crossed.
Els Bakker


Helen this quilt is simply stunning. I don't know how you do it but I love the way you think and imagine. Home is where I feel the most "settled" and at peace, and you have expressed that beautifully. I have posted about your giveaway on my blog: http://stitchinbythelake.blogspot.com/2012/06/have-you-seen-this-post.html
blessings, marlene


This is gorgeous!
My home is wherever this quilt would be - lol
Just kidding ;)
It's all about my husband & 4 kids - anywhere feels like home when they are near!
Thanks for the giveaway :)
(I'll post this on facebook for you )


Gorgeous quilt, great job!


Bravo and thank you Helen for this wonderful pattern !!
Our home is where our heart lies ...it is so true knowing you stitch a lot of blocks during your European trip !!
My fingers are crossed for the give-away !!

Sandy K

So pretty, and easy too?? That is for me. Thanks for sharing in this giveaway.


WOUW I like that Helen!! Ansje


Hi Helen,
This seems to be a fun quilt to do, so I'm posting about it on my blog.

Carrie P.

Oh, the patterns is so fabulous.Home can be anywhere as long as family is together.


I : "My home is there where I can bee who I am".

Greeting Guilitta


Oh my .. what a beautiful quilt this is. I love stitching and I love to quilt so this is a wannabee. I have post about this give away on my blog.

My favourite feelgood sayingis: It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home !!


Shared on fb. A favorite saying is 'Home is where your heart is'. Would love to win your pattern. Thanks for a chance.

Corinne Pelon

très jolie courtepointe, j'adore le thème maison et pour l'hivers au coin du feu elle sera très chaude et confortable BRAVO

Kim Rhody

What a beautiful quilt that share the true sentiment of our homes. My home is a place to share love and laughter with family and friends.

Beth T.

As Jenny of Elefantz said, good luck to all of us. This is truly a lovely pattern. Thank you for creating it and sharing it.

I love the idea that "all hearts come home for Christmas". True, true.


Wow Helen, I am such a huge fan of your designs and this one is especially wonderful to me. I don't have a blog so I will share it on Facebook as well and emailing all my quilting friends and family about it. As for my favorite saying about home, well it comes from my favorite Christmas memory and favorite childhood movie "The Wizard of Oz", the saying is of course "There's No Place Like Home", and truer words were never spoken. Thanks for a chance in this awesome giveaway, Big Hugs coming your way...

Ruth B

I have a sign on the wall that says "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". That is pretty much the rule of thumb at our house.


Home is where your family is...this is a gorgeous pattern!


The quilt is lovely and so neat
Home is family and I would love to
make it for my family to enjoy.
The sewing machine needle work
is great.

K Graas

Wow, I absolutely LOVE this quilt!


What a beautiful quilt! "Home is where the heart is"


Love the quilt.. For me, home is my everything...
Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

LeAnne L

I have two favorite home sayings: "Home is where the heart is" and "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Chris Gilley

My favorite is 'The road home is never long...'

I would be honored to win this pattern.

Joan Anderson

I absolutely cannot wait to do this Home Sweet Home BOM! It is a delightful design, Helen! It is so wonderful because I am always saying, "My home is my haven." This quilt says it all! Thanks for designing it!


It`s just beautiful.Great work.Congratulations!!


"What I love ost about my home, is who I share it with" is my favourite "home" quote.

Love the new BOM btw! (blogged and shared on FB)

susi richter_antonijevic

oh,it is a wonderful pattern,thanks for the chance to win,susi


Love your pattern. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Deb Heffner

Wow! This quilt is gorgeous. I love the hand stitchery on it.
“Home is the place where it feels right to walk around without shoes”


I've always taught my son that when you come "home", it's safe to be or feel whatever you are that day with no judgement. Just let it go. So I'm guessing I would be living in a "Safe Home". p.s. any chance this would be a PDF to be sold to us International fans of yours?


wowwww, this pattern is beautiful! I love the clamshells.

'My home is like a warm coat'

Thank you for a chance to win.


Oh,oh, oh, another stunning pattern from your hand. The temptation is huge. So please count me in on the give-away.


Home is where your love lives. Beautiful quilt Helen!

Felicity Shields

my home is my haven.... lovely quilt for sewing on the cold winter months snuggled up at home.

Pia Svendsen

I have just discovered your blog - it's great. Wonderfull pattern og fabric. I would love to win :-)


OMG, dear Helen, I was so much waiting for your new pattern !
I really enjoyed to the most making the "Life is beautiful" quilt, and just couldn't wait for a new release of yours ;>)
I'm going to blog this great news right away, of course...
Now, crossing my fingers (AND toes) I could be the lucky, lucky winner !
THANKS for the inspiration, and for your generosity.

Alison Gilewski

Helen, this is just gorgeous and the way the weather is at the moment, what better way to spend the evenings than doing some beautiful stitching that is so meaningful.
'A house is made of bricks & beams, Homes are made of love & dreams.'


I am just totally blown away by this, what a beautiful quilt, it would be perfect in my hall, have to discus with my hubby but I think he wil adore it to! Will put it on my blog today! Greetings
The Netherlands!

Jenny of Elefantz

Helen, that is the prettiest of all your quilts...and I thought nothing could top Life Is Beautiful!
I've just done a blog post about it.
Now fingers crossed I am blessed to win one of the patterns. Would love to make this and learn something new!
Congratulations on another beauty,

graphic design hervey bay

very fabulous stitch, great work helen, kept it up.


Está precioso. No tengo acceso a los patrones, pero me gustaría ser una de las afortunadas. Abrazos


Love it Helen,I must get on to Mandy at our new lqs and see if she will be getting it in.


What a great idea for a quilt Helen... it's very beautiful and would make a lovely memory quilt.

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