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July 30, 2012


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Susan Hopkins

I know I just posted a comment about my best friend, but I felt the need to also say that my 3 sisters are also my best friends. Since our mom passed away 8 years ago, we've made a pact to get together one weekend a year for a sibling retreat to celebrate our lives together and remember our mom. I live in South Dakota, Linda in Colorado, Elaine in Maine, and Kathie in New Hampshire, so this one weekend each year is the only time all 4 of us are together. It is a special time that we all cherish. Kathie reminds me of Angie; Elaine is a lot like Alex; and Linda is very much Zoe. Love my sisters and your Besties!!!!

Susan Hopkins

Penny reminds me a lot of my best friend. I can always rely on getting a hug when things are tough for me, or just because she loves me. I hope you had an awesome weekend with your special friends. It is wonderful that you have all made the commitment to stay close............friendships like that are so precious!

ulla fredriksson

My best friend is very much as Angie,she loves to bake and to have friends on parties.Always something new and very very yammy.She is very talkative and maybee the hair is in more wild curves than Angie has .We really have had many wonderful houres in our life.
Wish you good luck with this new design.

Laurynda Tormey

Hi Helen, I have only known my best friend for just over 12 months. She has been like the sister I never had. We meet through our love of patchwork and stitching. Her advice, support, love and friendship means the world to me :)

Rachelle Jones

They are so beautiful! My favorite is Penny. She reminds me of my wonderful friend Anna... I miss her very very much :(

silvia Broekhuis

My best friend is the wife of my husbunds best friend and she was so great after I had my motor accident last year and 4 children had to go to school and sports. She was great in helping the family together and the household roling next to het job and son!


Helen, this is my first time to leave a comment, but I need to tell you that I love your patterns and have found a fabric medium here in Thailand so I can now color my stitcheries. I am sooo very pleased with this find! I have two best friends who look out for me, pray for me and are here for me, and vice versa of course. It makes all the difference in life, some times are to good to and some too bad t go it alone! I hoppe you had a really fun weekend!


How gorgeous these girls are. My "bestie" would have to be a Penny - always there when you need her. Enjoy your fun times.


These designs are so great. I have known my best friend forever. She drove 800 miles this past week to be with me as I start radiation. She is like Gemma, athletic, strong and will do anything for you.

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Heleen Groot

Love the designs! My best friend I met only eight years ago. We simply clicked. It was my first job interview since landing in a wheel chair. She created a job for me on the spot. We have worked together for six years after that. Even after that business failed, we still talk every day, travel together, run a foundation together, laugh, cry and are simply each others endless support system! I'll just call her now.....

Christine M

Your Besties quilt is gorgeous Helen. My BFF is probably closest to Alex except she is a he, my wonderful husband Noel! He is always doing things outside.


Helen... Wow another cute pattern...

I love the "Jessica" pattern.. It reminds me so much of my daughter... we are best friends..

She loves to have late night chats....



Helen, i'm not entering to win a Bestie, but just want to say that these designs look like the perfect fun way to introduce young people to the wonderful art of stitching. They are all darling. Have a lovely break...


Enjoy your time together. My BFF from college (we were roommates our last year) came down and stayed the weekend with me a couple of weeks ago. She's probably most like Gemma - although my friend would say she's all about field hockey and kicking butt. :) I have to say, this BFF of mine has been a really strong support for me over the past year as I've gone through a serious medical crisis. Not sure which I loved most about all her packages: the treats that she hunted down for me, or the cards and pictures created for me by her young daughter.


Firstly I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend away with your Bestie! You deserve some R&R...

My Bestie...well we used to live in the same rural town and not a day would go by without us seeing each other, or texting or talking on the phone. August last year both our lives took on different directions, hers took her south, mine took me west. We now live approx 8 hours from each other. She is very much like me, crafty, (although her craft of choice is paper, mine fabric) and quiet. She would do anything for the people she loves and she is truly a "good person" for want of a better way to describe her. I miss her so much my heart aches.
From your Besties, both Angie and Jane describe her...But I think Jane has the slight edge.


Oh Helen, the besties are so cute and yes, I have probably had all of those friend at some point or another. Leila would most match my Becc. Now I have only known Becc for 2 years, but it feels like forever. I think she knows me better than I know myself.

Enjoy your trip away.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Love your Besties Helen! My best friend is most like Penny. She has always had a shoulder to lean on - every since first grade!

jo in tas

Have lovley time H, those friendships last a lifetime :-)

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