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July 04, 2013


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Helen, love the fabric! Congrats!


Yummy new fabric line. And panels sure give you options!

Mary-Ann Hayman

Love the colours, they are all beautiful.
Congratulations on the new fabric range it is just gorgeous!!!
Thanks for the chance to be able to win, it would be great


I love the fabrics! I am making up a kit I bought of your a pattern of yours at the moment which is looking great :) thanks for the chance to enter/win!


Hi Helen.. Firstly congratulations on your beautiful quilt in the Tasmania Quilt show.. I LOVE IT.. Loving your new quilts/patterns and fabrics... Love your fabric also.. I can't wait to see the range in the fresh... Hugs Sandyn


Oh, I just love what you do! And no, it's not pompous to put your name on your work, it's common sense and good advertising too. So, I would just loooove to get a panel like that!


Lovely range, can't wait to get my little fingers on some :)

Astri Ese Hole

I would surely like to win one of Your fabrics. They look great. Hope you will have some With you to Norway so I can see them by myself.


I would love to win some of your beautiful new fabric. Thanks for the chance!


So lovely, your 2nd fabric range, and so lucky are we, to get a chance to have some in your giveaway.


Gosh what beautiful fabric, I would love to win this.
Hugs Jeannie


Congratulations Helen - how exciting!!

Debbie Lever

I have been looking forward to seeing your gorgeous new fabric range since seeing the sneak peaks on FB, & it certainly hasn't disappointed!! You have every right to be proud of your achievement's & love seeing your own name on your fabric range!!!

alison dale

Hope your second line is very successful

Ruth B

Congratulations to you on your second line and congratulations to me because you used all my favorite colors! I'll be watching for these in my quilt shops!!

mueller christin

Just loveley, can`t wait you bee in EU


A gorgeous range Helen, having your name on the selvedge may seem pompous to some, just remember that "jealousy is a curse". :) Enjoy every moment of it!

Rachael Clark

Have made the Block of the Week quilt, would love the opportunity to win one of the panels. Beautiful work as always! Fingers crossed for a win lol.


Oh my word, I shouted out loud when I saw your gorgeous hexie work. I have more than a slight addiction to hexagons. Thank you for a fabulous giveaway too.

cathie fawcett

Love the colours in this range hope we can get them around here somewhere or will I have to go to Sydney to find them

Tina Thain

Absolutely lovely colors and prints. I can't wait till I can make them into beautiful big hexies.

Marissa Kano

Beautiful fabrics!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!!

Wendy Rance

Wow Helen, you are very clever and I love the colours you have used.


I love the fabrics, very nice designs.


What lovely fabrics !! I would LOVE to get them !
Thanks for the chance to win !

Kathleen Hackney

Pretty projects, and I love the whole fabric line.


love the new range, I especially like the grey splashes among the red and blues


I am not usually into this colour range(I am more of a goth girl...LOL)but must say I LIKE it very much!! LOL Well done Helen...


This is another beautiful range of fabrics, and lovely patterns. How exciting to have your name printed on them too.

Robyn Martin

Absolutely love the fabric colours and design choices Helen. Can't wait till they are available & I can get creative with them. Your work and designs are just stunning. Congratulations. Xx


Thanks for the chance!!! Fingers and toes crossed :)

Sam Handley

Congratulations on a beautiful fabric range with such a versatile colour range. You should be very proud to see your name on the selvedge. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

Kd Brown

Good for you, Helen! These are gorgeous fabrics and I am so proud of you and your accomplishment. I truly love the colors you chose and your patterns are a breath of fresh air!


What beautiful colours and designs, feel good fabric :) Thanks for the opportunity to win/

Karen Muller

Love the colours in the fabric and beautiful pattern. Would love to win.

anita kroll

I love everything about you, your sewings, fabrics, etc. You are one of my quilting idols.
May I finally win one of yours?

Carol Spacagna

Love your new fabric range. My favourite colour combo.

Glenice Jones

Helen, you are so talented and have every right to feel proud of your work -pompous, DEFINITELY NOT.... Beautiful fabrics..... hope I'm a lucky winner.

Alexandra Macgregor

Lovely range once again Helen. You always have such interesting ways of using fabric and creating patterns.

Jacquie W

Gorgeous fabric range. Can't wait to use it.

Susan Hopkins

Oh, Helen your newest line of fabrics are truly fabulous...I love them all, but am especially partial to the teals. The Washington State retreat was truly amazing, and Joan and I had a great time and felt blessed to spend that time with you and Gail as well as meet so many fun ladies. Hope I'm a winner in your giveaway!!! Hugs & Smiles!

Kim Wilson-Hartrick

Love it, love it, love it.

Kim Wilson-hartrick

Love this range as much as your other one, can't wait to see it in the shops.


I love your work. Very inspiring!

Vicki Marslen

Congratulations on your beautiful fabric range. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Can't wait to get my hands on some.

Mari Hampel

Love the colours. Will be looking online for them. Nearly 300km to nearest fabric shop.

Julie Stewart

Beautiful fabrics and your table toppers are precious.

Nicole Dunning

Love the look of this range, can't wait to get my hands on some. Been watching on Facebook so pretty.


Such beautiful fabrics, just as good as your last range (of which I have it all)

Sue Benson

How exciting for you to have your own fabric line. Love the colours and prints. Would like to have a go at the raw edge hexie quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.


Fabrics look great, such nice colours and design. Would love to win some!


I would love to win these they look awesome indeed. Will go oh so nice for the hexie club I am in plus the get knotted group.

yvonne howard

Took me three years to complete Nice People Nice Things, & I have 3 blocks to finish on Truly Aussie, have been wondering "whats next", now I think I know. Would love to win some of the fabric range.

Barb S.

What gorgeous fabrics!

Cindy Roth

Helen, they are beautiful just lovin them!!!

Narelle Lowcock

Oh, such beautiful colour combination! Makes for feeling warm on a cool winter day. Thank you :)

Patricia M. Fletcher

You have the most beautiful fabrics and I love all your designs. Thanks for all you do.


Loving those colours at the moment, fresh and subdued at the same time. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Edith Bosma

So pretty, I love everything, the colours, the patterns!! Well done!!


absolutely not! I mean it's not pompous to put your name on the selvage, you should be very proud, your fabrics are gorgeous.

Leanne V

Your fabrics certainly brighten up a dreary winters day, just beautiful especially the blues


red and aqua has been a long time favourite combination, but I really liked the subdues look as well. Congratulations on the new range.

Sue W

Beautiful, beautiful colour combinations!! Love the red and teal and your polka dots are to die for :) I'll be looking for these in my local shops for sure!


our fabric range looks fantastic, congratulations

Alison M

Hello Helen, Gorgeous fabric, just my colours too! Be proud of your fantastic work, you are very creative! Thanks for the chance to win this great prize. PS I'm stitching "nice people, nice things" quilt at the moment, so matching fabric would be wonderful!!

Elizabeth Johnson

Your fabrics are beautiful, I would love to make your table topper it is gorgeous! I will try to spread the word! I love your site!

Helen T

Congratulations! Love hexies and NEED new fabric like all quilters do.
Which project to start next?
Helen T

Karen S Flick

They are beautiful!! I have been cleaning and sorting and doing for weeks now and I am dying to get back to my sewing and quilting...your blog Made my day on the 4th here in Indiana in the USA...Love you Aussie Quilters!!


Your new fabric range is delightful.I love the red and teal combination.and of course the name of the fabric range....Can't wait to be able to buy the fabrics and start creating

Natalia aka Koala

What a great fabric collection!! I am crazy about hexies, so I love that one!!!! Your blog is in my Bloglovin list, it won't be forgotten :-))

Christine M

Your new fabrics are just gorgeous Helen. I love the colours.


Congratulations, great fabric range. I love the colours, especially the blue/teal.

Sarah O

Beautiful colours made me feel very happy indeed! Great giveaway.

Val Laird

Your new fabric range is delightful.I love the red and teal combination. Thanks for such a great giveaway.


Wow I would be excited if I had my name on the selvedge too! I would be taking photos from every angle. Sadly I am not that creative so it will never happen. Thanks for the giveaway. Linda

Carin Aschan

Beautiful! Just the colours that I love!


Beautiful fabric, makes me happy just looking at it.



barbara woods

Great fabric


I have fallen in love with hexies. Would love to win some of your gorgeous new line.

Sandy S

The fabric looks beautiful. I love that shade of blue....
Great Job!!!

Paula Stuplich

WOW! Love the fabric. Love the colors. Love the patterns. Need I say more?
Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
Good Luck to all.

Paulette Doyle

You must be over the moon!! Love the fabric!! Thanks for the chance to win some!


wow, your new line is spectacular,love your color range.Your hexies and embroidery caught my eye.


Beautiful colors!!


Gorgeous new fabrics Helen. Very generous of you also with so many lovely free designs for us to stitch using your lovely new fabric

Michele T

Your fabric line is gorgeous and I love teal with red!! The table topper project is lovely... no, that's not the right descriptor... delightful is more accurate!


Lovely fabrics - I can certainly understand how thrilled you would eb to see your name anywhere - especially on fabric! Well done...


Hi. Great new fabrics. I would love to play with them,so
I hope they will be in the stores her in Norway too.


What better way to recover from a big ladies op than receive a parcel of wonderful fabrics in the mail. Luv these fabrics.


Helen, just love the teal/aqua, pink/red colours - I think they always look so beautiful together. Congratulations on your new fabric range. And thank you for the opportunity to win some!

Nay from Nays Place

How exciting love love the new range....such a 'happy moment' seeing your name on the selvage wow. Thanks for the chance of winning some beautiful fabric


It's plain to see that you've been extraordinarily busy and look at what you've accomplished!! Just amazing. Love every little piece of fabric and every project you've made to showcase them. Bravo!

Mary Jo

Oh, HELEN!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabric and patterns! Such happy colors to work with! I would be thrilled to see my name on the selvedges, too, and would want to shout it from the rooftops and show it to everyone if I had designed that beautiful fabric! I love those great patterns and I just HAVE to have them! WOW! Congratulatins on your accomplishment!


Pompous, never! Just proud of yourself, what's wrong with that!
Such a pretty range, thanks for the chance to win some yumminess.

Noela Young

Love these fabrics and the colours Helen. Still have not finished my stitcheries for NPNT quilt. Now I have seen this I will have to get it out again and work on it. Love the hexie quilt. What stores will stock them? Thanks for the chance in the giveaway. Hugs.....


Helen, thanks for your giveaway. Have spent all day in Newcastle today while DH is getting ready for his radiotherapy for prostate cancer. We were so disappointed when they said it would be a further month until the therapy starts. It has taken 3 months since diagnosis to get this far. It is terribly frustrating!!!!! Congratulations on the new fabric range it is just gorgeous!!!

Sharon Griffith

Helen the colors are beautiful, bright and happy...I am lovin' the reds and blues...


Your fabrics are just beautiful, Helen, the colours are wonderful. I would love to win some - thanks for the chance!

Carol Lee

Your fabrics are fantastic so fresh looking

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