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November 13, 2013


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That's neat!


What a quick way to create hexies - I like that!

Elaine M

I recently discovered I don't mind hand sewing/applique after all. So maybe this would be a great new project to try. Thanks for the tute!

Julie T

Your block is so sweet! I really really like it. And I really like those hexies, too. Thanks!


Beautiful block. What a wonderful way to try the applique paper. I am amazed and impressed. Thanks for the tutorial and the giveaways. I am going to become a newsletter follower right after this post.

Jenelle Boxberger

yes I am amazed and thank you for the picture tutorial.

Marilyn Tucker

Love your block! The embroidery is gorgeous. I liked you on FB and signed up for your newsletter.

Peggy Schroder

I just discovered the glue stick method and love it. Can't wait to try the papers.

Quilter Kathy

Would love to try this idea... what a great new product!
And perfect to use in this kind of block!


Cute! I've never done hexies because of the time it takes, but this looks easy!

Barbara Young

I've just started playing with hexies. Thanks for giving me an alternative method of doing them. Fun pattern - especially since I love embroidery.

Beth T.

I was just hearing/reading about these hexies during Tuesday's #talknt chat. Coincidence or fate that I visited your blog? ;) I'd best not tempt either and just cross my fingers to win. I'm a new newsletter subscriber.


I'm hooked on hexies but not the basting thread...thanks for this fantastic time saving idea :)


Darling block! So sweet.

Marion Kersnick

Wow! I knew there had to be an easier way to make hexies! I absolutely can't wait to try this paper! The block you designed is so elegant & I can't wait to make it! Thanks for the great tutorial & Congratulations !!!

Ps . Going right now to like your Facebook page!


I'm a follower on FB! Love your block!

Stephanie Matz

Great block and tutorial. Thanks much.

Margaret Andrews

Love your block and your tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

Angelia L.

I love EPP and the washable papers are very interesting. Thank you for sharing!

Jenn Reed

I love the fabric in your block, it is beautiful, great job on your pattern :)

Allison Redding

I love your block!


Fairy Floss is such a lovely block! Thanks for sharing your technique with hexies.

Emily C

Love the block. Great idea there with the water soluble paper. Haven't seen that one before and love it!


I am always amazed by the new tools and techniques I find when visiting blogs like yours.


Bookmarked your site as a reminder to come back tomorrow and do some more checking - info about hexies looks very interesting!


Hi Helen
Loved your post on the hexie papers. You make it so much quicker and temptable Just love your block too. It has a little of everything in it. Such personality Congratulations

Joan H.

I have never made anything with hexes because they looked too difficult. Your tutorial has changed my mind. I'm going to sign up for you newsletter to see what other goodies you have to offer.

Linda Wayda

I have always been intrigued by hexies and wanted to try them. You make it sound so easy!

Lin Marsh

I like your hexie papers


Your block is perfection!! Love the tutorial…and the paper really stays in there? even through the washing?

Tami Chaulk

I am a new newsletter subscriber as well!

Tami Chaulk

I am a new facebook liker!

Tami Chaulk

Congratulations for getting published! Your Fairy Floss block is just adorable! I have tried doing hexies, but I have trouble holding them still and getting the corners sewn down without bunches! This looks like a wonderful way to do hexies! Thank you for sharing!

E. Engman

The embroidery really enhances the hexagon flower motif--very cool!


WOW! You make the hexies look so easy

Pat Evans

Interesting technique for hexies. Looks simple enough.


I've never made hexies. Your method sounds very doable. i'd love to win a copy of the 100 Blocks.

Andresa S

So cool; I've never been interested in doing hexies because it's just too much work. Well, I was interested, but it's just too much work. I am now signed up for your enewsletter.

Susan Blumenshein

Great way to do the Hexies. Thank you so much for the tutorial and the chance to win. I "like" you and signed up for your newsletter.

Pamela Onofreo

great new site to visit!


Love your block! I have been working on some half inch hexies and have become addicted. I would love to try your method it look's soooo....much easier! Thanks!

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher

What a great way to do Hexies! Thanks for the idea! Fabulous block!

Lisa E

Fairy Floss is adorable. I love the embroidered touches. Thanks for the chance to win.

Deborah DeBerry

Your block is very elegant. I have been wanting to try hexies for a long time. I may not have an excuse to put it off now.

v dale

Love all of your work. Nice blog!!

Laurie B

WOW those hexies are something else!!


love your block and LOVE the paper! Wow those will encourage me for sure. I love hexies but always hated the prep work. Watch out I may have a new obsession.


Love your hexies.
I'm an old FB fan, but a new newsletter subscriber via email.

Ruth Wohlgemuth

Like your block, thanks for the directions

Mary C in WA

Cute Block with a Mix of Hexies and stitching! Thanks for a chance to Win before we can buy it!

Anne Cowan

Your block is wonderful and the hexie post so helpful. I did not even know you could get iron on hexie papers! Awesome.

Margaret Schindler

I follow you on Facebook and signed up for your newsletter

Margaret Schindler

I am in love with the way you do Hexies. Thanks for the tutorial.


I love your block! I've always shyed away from hexies, but this product sheds new light for me. Thanks for a chance at the give-away & I'm a new "email" follower & so glad I found you!

Beth Patrick

I have stayed away from hexies cause they seem like so much work, but with these little helpers, I just might!


the block is lovely and I think I will give it a try, thank you...marta

Laurie P

Love the block and the name of it is wonderful too. Congrats on being selected to be in the magazine.

Karen in Breezy Point

Brilliant! I am going to have to get myself some of those papers! What a great idea! Love your block too--hexies and embroidery--two of my favorite things!

Marie Williams

What a totally cool way to make hexies! Hadn't seen that before.

Cindy Dahlgren

I'm following you on facebook.

Cindy Dahlgren

Love your block!

Dawn F

What a precious and sweet block! I just signed up for your newsletter and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create in the future! Such talent!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

Karyn Ashley-Smith

Love the delicate colors in your blocks!


This is a sweet block! I've wanted to try hexies for some time, and I think I just got the courage to do it! Thank you!

Debbie B

What a great idea for making hexies. I hadn't heard of this before, but can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!


Not only do I like your block but I like the name too, Fairy Floss. I happily signed up to receive your newsletter.

Mel Meister

Your block is so feminine and lovely. I can't wait to get a copy of the magazine!

Louise K.

Thank you for the lesson...what a great idea for hexie-lovers!
I've just signed up for your newsletter.


Thanks for the hexie info. Looks like a fun thing to do while watching tv.


What a beautiful block. So feminine looking. And I LOVE the wash away hexie papers. WHY have I not thought of that given the amount of washaway stabilizer I use in my machine embroidery. LOVE IT!

I am already a newsletter subscriber and have now 'liked' your FB page where I added a comment saying hi over there.


These are going to be fabulous - now I'm actually going to be brave enough to tackle Hexies!


Love your block & the wash out hexes! I'll be following you on FB & newsletter. Thank you!

Kathy Garringer

Great product I have just rediscovered hexies!

Donna Amos

A great block. Really like the tutorial on the wash away hexies. Haven't heard of them before, but now want to try thrm.

Debbie H

I love these hexies! Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial! I liked you on Facebook and signed up for your newsletter.

Diana Diana

Those are amazing. I haven't been much into English paper piecing but I think I'd like to give it a try with the precut dissolvable hexes. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I just may have to try it your way. Congrats on the neat block and thanks for the chance to win.

Pam C

I signed up for your newsletter and liked you on FB too!

Pam C

I love the combined elements in you block. Very pretty.

Loriann F

I am becoming more and more intrigued with hexies. Maybe I will actually try them sometime.


Oh My Goodness!!! I so totally did not know about the iron on hexies!!! What a darling block enhanced with embroidery! So glad I found your blog! Thanks for all the chances to win.

Mary Kastner

Your block is just beautiful. I love it. I have never heard of these papers before but I am a big hexie fan and would love to try them. I am signing up for your newsletter. Thank you for the chance to win.


Kate Taylor

That's a darling block! After having made a big quilt with English paper piecing the old fashioned way, I want those papers! Will order some when the link is up. Thanks for the chance!


I so enjoy your blog and have been a FB fan of yours for quite some time ... but goodness ... your washable hexies! oh my!! :) Beautiful block made more beautiful by the simplicity of your paper. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Laura McFall

Such a clever method, and a beautiful block. I love Hexie's, too, but I have only done very large ones...


Love your block and love making Hexies. I like your Facebook page. Hugs

Ramona Chester

I love Sewline stuff and thanks for sharing about the iron-on/wash-out hexi's Love your block! Hexi's and a bit of embroidery - what is not to love?

Janet T

Love your red quilt on the Facebook page. WOW! I have been looking for the washable,fiber stabilizer for a couple of years now, and no one knew what I was talking about. Glad to know where to find it now!


I have never seen the washable papers. Lovely block.

Margo Scott

Happy to visit your lovely blog and to become a new subscriber. Love your block!

Lisa McGriff

Your block is great, so delicate and pretty. I've never heard of the washable papers but that is great!


Great block! I like the combination of hexies and embroidery. Thanks for sharing the information about your applique paper. It sure makes hexies quicker! It sounds similar to Transfer Eze which I use for embroidery designs.

Dorothy Holt

Fairie Good!!!! I have you as a like on facebook and am joining your newletter!

barb price

love hexies!! i have tried a similar product, but i still had to glue it on, i love the idea of iron on.


I've signed up for your newsletter.


I have just liked you on FB. Linda


Thanks for the tute on using the water-soluble hexies!


Hi, never thought about making hexies like that. Thanks for the tip. Linda

Barb Johnson

I'm currently working on 1 inch hexies with EPP and I just love the idea of Wash away hexie papers! No more basting? WOW!


Your block is so pretty and sweet. The iron on hexies make the whole process look so much easier.

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