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November 18, 2013


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Tracy Doran

I'd call the range "
" all things beautiful"


Hugs galore


Oddly, I was intrigued by your heading "Nameless" thinking, what a great name for basic fabric essentials. Also got me thinking... no name, no fuss... "No fuss"?? or "no fuss essentials"? Good luck in discovering the perfect name :)


I think something like "simply basics" resonates well. I hope you find a suitable name soon. The range is really lovely.

Alexandra Macgregor

Hugs (and Kisses) Forever

Gee its hard! Some good suggestions but I guess you need to think of a name that has longevity and will fit with future range names.
Good luck!

Pam White

Hi, the "Forever Hugs n Kisses" range.
The "Unforgetables" as in don't forget them they are essential.
The "Always Hugs n Kisses" range.
"Forever & Always" Yip that's my final idea, hope they help, good luck choosing, I think "forever & always" sounds so romantic, just like hugs n kisses.


How about Perfect partners or perfect mix,
or pastel cocktail

Dorothy Schreyer

To me they say they are Soft Neutrals. I really like them!

Lou Lott

How about "Helen's Hybrids"?


HI,just love this collection! I'd name it "Helen's Bouquet".


Softies.. The mild and sweet colours make me wanna squish them up in a pile and cuddle.

Jenn Reed

I think " Happy Essentials " sounds like a possibility :) Good luck with naming it !!! Love your design!


A Little Less Noise

Every quilt, especially one with busy prints, needs a place where the eye can rest -- a little island of calm--a little less noise. These near-solid blenders would fill that need.

Carol Lee

Simplicity as it will go with everything


Dream basics?

What a fabulous fabric range.


Nicey What Nots,
Happy What Nots,
Simply Dependable,
Sweet Goodness,
Sweet Essentials

These are just a few names I thought of when I saw those "sweet essential" fabrics swatches. They all Look great. Jane


How about "Back To Basics"? Or "Basic Needs"?


Fundamentals..... or Cherish.... are my suggestions...


Here's a few ideas:
Daisy Love
Daisy Dots
Daisies Forever
Simply Daisies

Can you tell the flowers stand out to me? :)

debbie w

Pretty colours. I like "dotty basics". xx debbie


The Floral Hugs Collection

Lori Smanski

this is a pretty block, kinda looks like CITY BLOCKS to me


Helen I think you have named your own fabric line .... unnamed basic's sounds fine to me

Christine M

Gorgeous fabrics Helen. My suggestion is "Just What You Need Basics"!

May Britt

Love the new fabrics. What about calling them Dotted Memories

Outback Crafter - Debra

Basic Hugs?


I like the name "doll house" because these prints would be perfect for the doll house my granddaughters are building. They would be perfect wallpaper or furniture fabrics and even great doll clothes! Or maybe "Simpler Times". I like that too!

Pam White

"Hug-able's" as they are lovable and able to go with all your ranges.
"Forever-fabrics" as they will always be available


How about "Necessary Niceties"?

Really love the colors and designs!


To me it looks like Essential Distraction. Love the line!

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