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June 16, 2014


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barbara woods

Would love to learn to do this, thanks


Tea towels.


I'm guessing this is over, but I would still say to answer the question, that what I really like to see more of is embroidery patterns.

Mom C

I'm thinking a bed runner would be so pretty. Young girls skirts too. Thanks.

monica sisk

How about a summer romper for a toddler? I think that these colors would look so sweet on a little girl.

just in case: m3reyna at gmail dot com

Karrie Smith

I just found you and ADORE your fabric and your patterns! I simply do not know how I didn't know about you before! LOVE the birds! I would make anything that you put out! I really like the colors of the fabrics :)

nicole morris

a sleeping bag for a baby

Falon Downing



Shared on Twitter and Facebook


Pillows! :)

Liz Ryan

I would like to try a mini quilt using primrose sands that I could put onto a stand for display

Courtney Dettman

A personalised quilt. With pieces of fabric given to me by all the people I love, so then i can wrap myself in their hugs every day.


how about a boy baby quilt!

Pam S

Your fabrics are gorgeous! I love bird-themed fabrics and patterns. Thanks for the chance to win!

Ruth Griffeth

I would love to have projects that I can bring with me, and or when I am stuck in bed due to illness.

julie bennett

a tea pot holder for my grandmother to give her back something hand made.

Elizabeth Johnson

I love everything you design and you basic line is going to be great! More little friendship mini quilts, they are big in the USA right now! Thanks!


I think Basically Hugs, with it's beautiful soft hues, would look wonderful in a beautiful baby range - matching cot quilt, change mat, nappy bag, bibs, soft toys etc - especially with your lovely appliqué incorporated in the design.

allison pogany

Pillows!!! Beautiful fabrics!


I love mini quilts, and in your fabric range, would be lovely.
Thank you for the great giveaway,


I would say pillows with embroidery incorporated into them. You do amazing work. Thanks for the chance.


Love your Friendship tea 12x12 hanging:) I like to make aprons so that's my pick!


I shared on facebook!


I'd love a peg bag or peg apron!


I would love for you to design a peg bag. I used to have one a million years ago and miss it :(

Julie Weber

How about some pretty shoe bags for when you (or we) travel. They could be part of the So Tweet -Two range or a new collection of little bags for things when you travel.

Tabitha K.

I shared on Facebook! Thanks


Tabitha K.

I would love some bright flower prints! I love what you've designed so far, beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!



I'd love some fun pillows to go with that adorable Clambaked quilt!!!

Lori Morton

Well...actually would love some cool chicken themed Wallhanging, or other smallish projects. Our Daughter has chickens..she calls them her "Girlie's"!

I don't do FB, Etc Etc...so thanks for chance to participate! :)


Beautiful fabric! I would like to some cushions. Thanks!

Heather Stockton

Just love Primrose Sands and it would make an awesome Table Runner I think.
Hugssss Heather :)


I love the new lines. I would love to see a selection of nursery items.

Shannon Johnston

I would love to see a table runner, maybe made with the charm squares. Will be posting to FB also as I just love your range.

Emily C

I love your little birds, they are so cute.


LOVE Primrose Sands! ~ what incredibly beautiful fabric.

I have plans for it, already! :)


Wow love the fabric love so tweet


Beautiful fabrics Helen ! very inspiring !! what about bags for your next project ????
I will share on FB too !


I'm thinking small projects I can carry on a plane or in the car, doctor's appointments. Maybe ornaments or something.

Christine M

Your new fabrics are just gorgeous, Helen. I'd love to see more mini quilts. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

apple blossom

how about making an apron...I love aprons. nice fabric and projects

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

barbara woods

i love your bags, thanks

Vicki H

I would like mini quilts designs for the Basically Hugs collection.

Pam White

I have shared this on Facebook too because ...who wouldn't share the love of such adorable designs and fabulous fabrics!!! Have a great day!

Sandy K

I would love to see pillows designed.

Pam White

Always love your fabrics. A wallhanging (1m x 1m??)using a series of stitcheries based around your "so tweet" bird design. I believe it could look adorable in a girls room. I like The pink ric rac you have used on your designs it adds a lovely touch. Congrats on putting two perfectly lovely fabric ranges together. I have your pattern..."life is beautiful" and I have been unable to choose a colour (reds or blues?) ...now I'm loving your new fabrics I might have to go with them.


I really like the Primrose Sands line - sweet soft colors that make me think a pretty, traditional baby quilt is in order.

Tracee Forster

Shared on Facebook too xx

Tracee Forster

Beautiful fabrics Helen. I love the idea of the Basically Hugs blenders with ongoing additions. Sometimes it takes awhile to decide to use a treasured fabric line do bring able to get blenders later is a big help. I would like to see a return of the old trio dressing table sets with a modern twist.


Hi, Really like 'Friendship Tea'! So I'd like to see even more Mini Quilts to display around the house.
Thanks for a sweet giveaway!


Bethany M

Thanks for the giveaway! I would like to see a Christmas collection!

Rita McCart

Really love the fabric, I think some sweet little decorative iems for a little girls room would be perfect. Thank you for the chanc eto win. :)


Yummy fabric!!I' d love a bed runmer a wallet.

Teresa W

What beautiful fabrics! And I love all of your patterns. I think your designs and fabrics would easily make some cute kitchen accessories. Like potholders, table runners, aprons etc.

Very pretty!

Jacklynn Grimm

I really like the color range in your collection - how about a cute pillow or a table runner? Thanks for the give away!


I'd say something inspired by mountains (I keep thinking of a hike we did in the Wild Sky Wilderness; snow-capped mountains, bright wildflowers, sunny & green) or the ocean (you could throw in some rock colors in homage of rocky beaches).

Mary on Lake Pulaski

A sewing machine cover!

Joan Anderson

How about a Christmas line?


Beautiful fabric! I would love to see a tablecloth made with either collecton. Thanks!

Quilting Tangent

How about an ocean inspired fabric line.


The colors are so beautiful I think they would lend themselves perfectly to a baby's crib set.


Lovely fabric lines. I love the colours. Maybe a decorative wall hanging with appliqué and embroidery for a babies room would be nice in these fabrics.


Hi, I love your fabric line and your sweet stitchery's. Everything you have created is lovely. I would like to see more fabrics and maybe some bags or totes. Thanks!


Lovely fabric lines! I would love to see a table runner. Thanks for a chance to win.


The new line is so pretty! I think a table runner or cushion covers would be nice! thanks!

Valerie Boudier

Shared on Facebook

Valerie Boudier

A table runner using Primrose Sands

Michele T

Oooooh! Your fabrics are so pretty! I would love it if you would designa bed runner with matching cushion covers!


I''d just love you to design a really cute hot water bottle cover.


It's hard to say what I'd like you to design next as you've designed so many beautiful things. Maybe something useful for a needleworker - sewing caddy? Scissor fob?


Lovely fabrics. A friendship quilt ,with lots of saying and pieced blocks. Cup cakes, teapots, teacups etc.
I would love to win as my birthday is coming soon.
thanks for a chance to win there lovely fabrics.

Dawn Stout

I'm not sure what pattern should be next , as all of them are gorgeous!! A win today would be awesome....it's my birthday!! Thanks for the chance to son!!

Therese May

it is my pleasure to share on Facebook to all my friends.

Therese May

I think a travel set with jewellery wrap, lingere bag and travel wallet would be lovely. The fabrics are beautiful I cant wait see them in the flesh. You are sooo generous to be offering a give-a-way.

Jacquie Withers

Just love both these fabric ranges. I think they are a must for every patchwork shop and quilter. Would love to see of those little birds that feature on So Tweet. They seem to have a story to tell between the two of them. :)


Gorgeous fabric. I think a pin cushion with needlebook and stitchery bag to match for stitching in the garden at Afternoon Tea :-)


I love the fabric range. I'm not sure what I want to see next perhaps something for Christmas - another Christmas BOM


Wow, this line is beautiful. I like it very much, that you designed it for stitchery and small patch-pieces. I don't like big patterns for small patches. And this is pefect. Good job.
It's perfect for a spring or summer tea-session outdoors. So a teapot-warmer and other things for that tea-session would be much appreciated. Like a mugrug, or a cover for the cakestand or tablerunner or small table cloth or little flags, or, or, or.

Margaret Mcdonald

Beautiful fabric range. It would look lovely made into placemats and coasters surrounding the friendship tea hanger. Would love to win this prize!


Such beautiful fabrics.. Just love the primrose quilt very much. I think this would also be a great tablerunner in a small version.

kirrily loring

Primrose sands is so beautiful Helen ive been drooling over it since I saw it on FB. Any of your quilts are b eautiful, you know im addicted to them :-) a applique style quilt in this fabric li b e would be beautiful. Almost tempted to make anothe opus tweet in this range

Nicole badior

It's all beautiful but I am a quilt fan... Love them,
Thanks for making lovely things,


I like to basically give you a hug for creating Primrose Sand and would like anything projects you create in your ranges


Primrose Sands would be great for a set of wall hanging and pillows. Thanks for the giveaway!


Wow, lovely fabric lines, thank you for the giveaway!
I like Friendship Tea hanging, it will also be great to see a tablerunner in that range :)


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