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August 16, 2014


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A chair on the beach,cool weather with a little breeze. Nothing to do...with my husband:)
I love your fabric color combinations on this little block!!

Helen Stubbings

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I have been here ten years Nat, perhaps we did meet before you left?  What a small world –where in the US are you and are you there to stay? 


A view of a lake, a big porch, a great chair and perfect temperatures...just right for relaxing and quilting.


a clean bed, clean kitchen and flush toilets are a must. The important part is some privacy, and on the beach. I just want to walk out the door a short bit, and reach the beach and water.

Rhonda Davis

Instead of seaside I'd have to go riverside. A cabin with a wrap around porch flanked by trees looking out over the riverbed. Your house block is gorgeous!!!

Sadie Bailey

The outdoor area would contain lovely beach and lots of deciduoua trees and some evergreens for both sun and wind protection, with easy beach access, and driftwood logs and stones and shells old pottery and glass to collect for art projects. :) A small well insulated cozy cottage with an outbuilding studio for my many art and craft interests! Open kitchen for visiting, wrap around porch, a fire pit and picnic area for outdoor cooking, and sheltered from winter NE winds would be perfect! A space to have classes and other crafters and arters, family, and friends come visit and relax.

Barb Johnson

My dream seaside retreat would be right off the beach, so that I could hear the ocean waves and watch for dolphins cavorting in the waves. It would have a comfortable chair or two with a large beach umbrella so that I don't get sunburned. It would also have a fully stocked kitchen so I wouldn't have to go shopping!

Carol Anderson

Slightly weathered, pale blue with white shutters. It would have a full length porch for viewing the water and steps down to the beach passing lovely
wind swept grass gardens.

Karen J.

A Victorian house, with modern amenities, overlooking the crashing of waves with the sun shining bright.


White sandy beach is my only requirement. Love your colors & flowers.


I dream often of living beside the atlantic ocean off the new England coast. Rocky shores, lighthouses and surf.


Love your block! My retreat would be the cottage we stayed in on our honeymoon--on the ocean in Maine, with a big porch looking over the water, and a big fireplace inside to cuddle up in front of on those cold Maine nights.

Karen Propes

Just love these houses, you have added such special attribute that make it look homey. I would love to live in your neighborhood made up of beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.


My favorite beach house would have a big porch and wonderful large windows do I could always see and hear the waves splashing and ocean calling.

Angelia L.

My favorite seaside retreat would be a house with a beautiful big porch where I can sit for hours and watch wild horses run by, dolphins jumping just off shore, and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I love your house block! Thank You!


Well, since I grew up on the beach in Lauderdale, but now live in the middle of suburbia, USA (3+ hour drive to get the beach!!), I would have to say Lauderdale beach is my seaside retreat! My parents are still there, so with free babysitting and no real chores or anything to do, it is quite the retreat!! (You do look familiar in your picture btw - i'm sure our paths have probably crossed somewhere along the line - though i left Tassie 9 years ago now!)


Water, sunshine, sand and swimming.... and a new quilr magazine to read.


I'd love a beach to stroll on, weather that isn't too hot, a sweet cottage with a porch to where I could sit and enjoy the view. Love your charming house.


My dream is a cottage by the lake--wrap-around deck, adirondack chairs and hammocks galore!

Julia Davis

Sitting on a front porch quilting while watching my family enjoy the beach. Two of my favorite things family time and quilting .


My holiday retreat would be on a sandy beach, preferably in Ireland!


Quilts hanging on the porch railing of a seaside cottage would certainly be delightful. Love your house block!


Me encanta tu casa con el detalle de los pajaros!
Aquí hay preciosas playas y me encantan las que no hay mucha gente.La mas cercana a la que voy esta en S,Juan ,en Alicante.

Sue Bone

My favourite seaside retreat would be air conditioned and have a gourmet food store and a quilt shop nearby.

Lori Morton

What a cute lil' house!! soooo fun!! would love a house near the sit on porch & watch the water..the sunshine...and feel the breeze. Nice!!!


Aw, I want to live in your little cottage! My son watches Lily's Driftwood Bay (kids cartoon) and the little cottages the characters live in by the sea are just perfect. I just want something tiny, salty, and sun washed that has seafoam and a soul.


My dream beachfront would be on the southern coast of Italy. Never been there but its on my bucket list! sighhhhhhh ...... :)


Beautiful block very detailed, I would frame it and put it on my front porch. Thanks for the giveaway.

Arianna M.

I love your block! My family goes to the beach every summer, although the cottage we rent is on a river, not the beach. I love 'our' little cottage, though!

Emily C

I love the view of the ocean. We had an apartment in Washington where we could see the Puget Sound. That view was lovely and I would love to go back someday.


I love your sweet house block! I would love to be at a seaside retreat in San Juan! thank you!


Your house is so cute. Favourite seaside retreat dream? A house with a back door that leads straight to the beach, sand, sun, family, good food and cake! That would be the perfect seaside recipe.


There's a little seaside village in North Devon, England, that my family has been visiting for years. That would be my idea retreat as it's my idea of paradise

Pam White

Hi, we have been lucky enough to borrow the boss's batch twice now, right on the waters edge in a lovely little bay near Picton, NZ., where I took the time to draw up stitcheries. Who could ask for more? It is good for the soul. I hope u all get some joyful stitching time, even if its just in your own home snuggled by a warm fire with a hot choccy.

Christine M

I just love your house block, Helen. It is gorgeous. I'd love to have a sunny room that overlooks the water. Relaxing and stitching would be a perfect way to spend some hours away. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

Kathy h

It would be great to have a house right on the ocean with a beautiful view. So peaceful. Your house is beautiful. I love the embellishments that you added.


Love your little house, I am ready to move in! I think my house would be very similar to yours with a bit of a Victorian touch to it. Wicker rockers on the porch with a swing and a lovely large bay window with a comfy seat for reading and sewing.


You made a perfect house, Helen, and I can just picture it by the seaside by a quiet bay. Sitting in a good chair and enjoying the scenery with a stitching project in my lap, how can life be better?!
In the winter time this place will be perfect to make snow angels in, they would accompany the house so well, don't you think, Helen?


A lovely view on a lake or sea, surrounded with nature , a comfy chair to relax in, and of course some stiching material and great books to read.
Your house is so adorbale. Love it!

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